Karasu Kanshi,カラス
种族 人族

那种“心”对厮杀没有任何帮助! 只有强烈诅咒眼前敌人的家伙,才有取得胜利的资格!

—— 鸦


  • Karasu Kanshi, also known as Karasu Redbeak is an antagonist in the Ninja job quests.
  • 鸦(カラス Karasu)也被称作红嘴鸦,是忍者职业中的一名反派角色。
  • Karasu has a flair for theatrics, often narrating the situation as though he is the hero of a tale. Prone to giving nicknames, he calls the Adventurer a "horsebird chick" and refers to Oboro as the "dull one."
  • 鸦拥有演戏的天赋,经常把情况叙述的似乎他自己是故事中的英雄一样。他还喜欢给人起外号,他把冒险者叫作“小雏鸟”,把称作“循规蹈矩的优等生”。



  • Karasu is claimed to be a traitor in Doma that sold their nation to the Garleans. Oboro Moonrise and Tsubame Sunrise arrived in Eorzea on orders to kill him for his treachery.
  • 鸦被称作是多玛的叛徒,将他们的国家出卖给帝国。胧和因为他的叛变行为受命前来艾欧泽亚追杀他。
  • He evades capture several times throughout the storyline, though their attempts to strike him at Aleport resulted in him failing his mission to assassinate a pirate captain. He is chastised and given a stern warning by his mysterious boss when he claims a "reunion with old friends" resulted in the mark escaped.
  • 他在整个故事线中多次逃脱追捕,尽管他们在小麦酒港[译注 1]袭击他的行为导致他刺杀一名海盗船长的任务失败。当他宣称因“与老朋友们团聚”而导致目标逃脱时,他被他神秘的老板惩罚并给予了严厉的警告。
  • After Oboro procured shinobi garments for the Adventurer, Karasu intercepted the shipment and hid the articles across La Noscea guarded by imperial agents as seemingly a test. He later left a note found by Oboro that he was going to strike their safehouse in Eastern La Noscea. Confronting him in Raincatcher Gully, Karasu is finally defeated. Before Oboro can execute him for his crimes, Karasu starts laughing and questions if "the dull one" truly believes he's the traitor. He claims that he was not responsible for the attack, but rather found the one who did: Master Gekkai, who gave him a choice to serve him or die (with Karasu choosing the former). Oboro remained in disbelief over this, but before he could do anything, Karasu leaped into a ravine and seemed to kill himself by activating an explosive, claiming the truth will be found at Candlekeep Quay.
  • 在胧为冒险者获得忍者套装时,鸦拦截了这批货物,并将它们藏在拉诺西亚由帝国间谍看守的的地方,似乎是想作为一场考验。他接下来给胧留下一张纸条说他将要去袭击他们在东拉诺西亚的活动室。在接雨草树林[译注 2]遇到他后,鸦最终被击败了。在胧以他的罪行处决他之前,鸦开始笑并质问是否“循规蹈矩的优等生”真的相信他是叛徒。他宣称他对那次攻击不负责,那是月海老师干的,他让他选择服从还是去死(鸦选择了前者)。胧对此仍然不相信,但在他做出任何事之前,鸦就跳入了峡谷,似乎通过引爆炸弹自杀了,宣称真相将在守炬埠头[译注 3]被发现。
  • Karasu later appears after Master Gekkai was slain at the shinobi's hands, now out of his garb and without face paint, having faked his death. He returns the ninja body armor he had taken earlier and tosses his ninja soulstone to Oboro. Though exonerated of his charge of treason, he declines the offer to return to the village, claiming it was always too stuffy for him and he still has much blood on his hands from when he worked under Gekkai. He departs to make his own way as a free man.
  • 后来,在月海老师死于忍者之手后,鸦出现了。他脱去了外套,脸上也没有油彩,伪造了自己的死亡。他将之前拿走的忍者盔甲归还,并把他的忍者之证扔给胧。尽管洗清了叛徒的指控,他还是拒绝了返回村子的提议,声称那里对他来说太闷了,并且他也因为为月海服务,手上沾了太多血。他离开后继续行走自己的道路。



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