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种族 人族
阵营 多玛

—— 飞燕




  • Hien has been hiding at the Azim Steppe since the defeat of the Doman resistance. When approached about returning to lead the Domans, he agrees if his people wish to continue the fight, not wanting them to suffer the empire's wrath unwillingly. After being shown their desire to try once more to overthrow the imperial occupation, Hien agrees to return, though he first needs to gather an army, planning to create one from the many Xaela tribes that populate the Azim Steppe.
  • 自从多玛的抵抗势力被击败后,飞燕一直躲藏在太阳神草原。当被问及回到多玛带领人民时,他表示同意在他的人民希望继续抗争的情况下回归,不忍他们被迫遭受帝国的怒火。当多玛的人民再次展露出对于推翻帝国统治的渴望后,飞燕同意回归。然而当务之急是筹建一支军队,他计划从生活在太阳神草原的暮晖之民中招兵买马。
  • Hien allies with the Mol Tribe, and agrees to lead them to victory in the upcoming Naadam, the ceremonial battle that determines the leadership of the Steppe. Along with the Warrior of Light, Gosetsu and Lyse, he meets with the leaders of several of the other Au Ra tribes and completes the trial at Bardam's Mettle before winning the Naadam for the Mol. Once the tribes unite under his leadership during the fight against the empire, Hien returns to Doma to prepare for the upcoming battle.
  • 飞燕与模儿部结盟,并应许在即将到来的那达慕大会上领导他们走向胜利,这场充满仪式性的战斗将决定草原的领导权。与光之战士、豪雪以及莉瑟一行人同行,他与其他敖龙族部落的数个领导人会面,并在为模儿部赢下那达慕之前先行完成了巴儿达木霸道的试炼。当部族们在他的领导下决意联合对抗帝国,飞燕便返回了多玛以为即将到来的战斗做准备。
  • He supports Alphinaud's plan to defeat the imperial occupation, but later modifies it to include the flooding of Doma Castle. Although destroying the castle would be a great loss to his country, doing so would mitigate casualties among his people, which he sees as far more important. The plan succeeds, and the Garlean forces are driven out. As the Scions of the Seventh Dawn prepare to return to Eorzea, Hien thanks them for helping liberate his country, and promises to return the favor by helping them in the upcoming battle to defeat the imperial forces at Ala Mhigo.
  • 他支持阿尔菲诺提出的计划,但之后将水淹多玛王城加入了计划中。尽管破坏王城对于他的国家来说是一个巨大的损失,但减少他的人民伤亡的重要性被他认为远在留下王城之上。计划成功了,帝国势力被驱赶出境。当拂晓血盟准备返回艾欧泽亚时,飞燕对他们协力解放他的国家表达了感激,并承诺在将到来的击败侵占阿拉米格的帝国军的战斗中帮助他们以示回报。
  • Hien is true to his word and leads the Xaela tribes to provide crucial air support to the Eorzean Alliance at the final siege of Ala Mhigo, and he helps fight off imperial soldiers outside the throne room. Hien is present when Zenos yae Galvus is defeated and Ala Mhigo celebrates its long-desired freedom.
  • 飞燕履行了自己的诺言,在阿拉米格最后的包围战中,他领导着暮晖之民们为艾欧泽亚同盟军提供了至关重要的空中支援。他还帮忙击退了皇宫外面的帝国兵。当芝诺斯被打败后,飞燕参加了阿拉米格对其渴望已久的自由的庆祝。
  • Following Ala Mhigo and Doma's liberation from the Garlean Empire, Hien makes efforts to rebuild his homeland. Gosetsu is revealed to be alive and taking care of an amnesiac Yotsuyu goe Brutus, and though Hien understands that the world had been cruel to the woman, he believes it does not excuse her crimes against Doma. Gosetsu convinces him to spare Yotsuyu due to her having no knowledge of her sins. Hien is ultimately forced to reveal that Yotsuyu is alive to his people after she runs off to fetch a piece of fruit for Gosetsu. Though the people remain fearful of her and cry for her punishment, Hien restrains them and assures she will not be allowed to leave his den unescorted.
  • 随着阿拉米格与多玛从帝国手中解放,飞燕开始努力重建他的家乡。豪雪被发现还活着并照顾着失忆的夜露。尽管飞燕明白这世界对她过于残忍,但这并不能成为她犯下对多玛的种种罪行的借口。豪雪说服了他放夜露一条生路,因为她对自己的罪行一无所知。当夜露为豪雪采摘水果时,飞燕不得不被迫向他的人民透露了夜露仍然活着的事实。尽管人们仍然对她保有极大的恐惧并厉声要求惩罚她,飞燕还是阻止了他们,并保证她将不会在没人陪同的情况下离开宅邸。
  • Hien is visited by a Garlean transport with a Doma signal of negotiation and Hien and his friends meet Asahi sas Brutus and the members of the Popularas. Further surprising Hien and the Scions, Asahi comes with word from Emperor Varis that the empire is open to peace negotiations. Skeptical of their intentions, Hien nonetheless hears their story. The empire is willing to recognize Doma's newly gained freedom as a nation if they outlaw summoning and wish to conduct a prisoner exchange: conscripted Doman citizens for the acting viceroy Yotsuyu. Hien refrains from answering, wishing to confer with his advisers and friends.
  • 一艘带着谈判信号的加雷马飞空战舰造访了飞燕,他和他的朋友们与朝阳以及帝国平民派[译注 1]的成员们进行了会谈。大大出乎飞燕与拂晓一行人的意料,朝阳带来了皇帝瓦厉斯欢迎进行和谈的话语。尽管怀疑他们的企图,飞燕还是听完了他们的故事。如果他们能立法禁止蛮神召唤,帝国将承认多玛作为一个新生的自由国家。同时希望举办一次交换囚犯:用被征召走的多玛平民来交换代理总督夜露。飞燕终止了谈话,希望与他的朋友们协商一下意见。
  • Asahi was merely acting on behalf of a "resurrected" Zenos, who conspires to undermine Varis's motion of peace with Doma. Asahi probes Yotsuyu into reverting to her sadistic self and gives her the means to summon a primal within herself, making her violate the terms of their negotiations of peace, threatening to spark new conflict with the empire and pin the blame on Doma. The Warrior of Light defeats the primal form of Yotsuyu and confronts Asahi who reveals everything during his rant, which his second-in-command, Maxima, overhears. Yotsuyu, with the last of her life, kills Asahi, finally achieving her vengeance.
  • 朝阳仅仅只是代表着密谋破坏瓦厉斯意图与多玛和平共处的“复活的”芝诺斯行事。朝阳通过试探夜露使她重归暴虐的本性,并给予了她以一己之力召唤蛮神的方式,使得她破坏了帝国与多玛之间的和平条约,让两国关系发生了新的摩擦且让多玛陷入被帝国问责的境地。光之战士击败了蛮神形态的夜露,朝阳在与他的对峙中说出了一切,这些都被他的副手马克西马无意中听到了。在她生命的最后时刻,夜露杀死了朝阳,最终实现了自己的复仇。
  • With the struggle over for now, Hien and the Scions meet with Maxima who, in Asahi's stead, completes the prisoner exchange, preserving the fragile peace. Wishing to learn more about the newly returned Zenos, Hien allows Alphinaud to travel with Maxima to Garlemald to conduct an investigation, however, they never hear back from him.
  • 随着斗争的结束,飞燕与拂晓与代替朝阳的马克西马会谈,完成了囚犯的交换,维持了脆弱的和平。为了了解更多关于近日露面的芝诺斯的情况,飞燕允许阿尔菲诺与马克西马前往加雷马进行调查。然而,他们再也没收到他的回信。
  • Feeling responsible, Hien travels with the Scions in search for him. A clue and the last message from Alphinaud takes them to the wasteland of The Burn. They find the wreckage of Alphinaud's transport and the remains of their attackers, soldiers of the imperial family's personal guard. They conclude that someone in Garlemald ordered the attack.
  • 自觉身负责任的飞燕决定与拂晓一起搜寻阿尔菲诺。阿尔菲诺的最后一次通讯与一条线索将他们带到了终末焦土[译注 2]的不毛之地。他们找到了载着阿尔菲诺的运输艇残骸,以及攻击他们的帝国亲卫队士兵留下的痕迹,推断是帝国的某人下达了攻击命令。
  • Back in Doma, Hien meets with Lyse who serves as a representative of the Eorzean Alliance. She informs the Scions and Hien that the liberated Ala Mhigo has agreed to join the Alliance and calls for a meeting with Hien invited. Hien agrees but first takes priority to fortify his homeland's defenses in the wake of a possible Garlean invasion. Gathering friends and allies, Hien concludes that Doma cannot repel a full force invasion, as the country does not possess the resources and people necessary for such a defense. Realizing that no single nation can defeat the empire, Hien announces he intends to follow the example of his Eorzean friends by forging an alliance with Doma's eastern neighbors. Hien hopes that by reaching out to Hingashi, Sui-no-Sato and even to the conquered provinces of Dalmasca and Nagxia they can pressure the empire to avoid fighting on two separate fronts. Though Hien knows not all will answer the call, he is confidant that Doma's neighbors all harbor the same desire for freedom, and if made aware of what is at stake, they may agree to an alliance.
  • 返回多玛后,飞燕与作为艾欧泽亚同盟军代表的莉瑟进行了谈话。她告诉拂晓与飞燕,解放后的阿拉米格已经同意加入同盟,并邀请飞燕参加一场会谈。飞燕同意了,但是随着帝国入侵的可能正在复苏,他得把巩固祖国的防御放在首位。意识到多玛无法以一己之力对抗帝国入侵,无论是资源亦或是人力都不足以构筑防线,飞燕召集起盟友与伙伴。他宣布他意图仿照他艾欧泽亚的盟友们与多玛的邻国组建一个同盟。飞燕希望这个联盟的范围能扩展到远东之国、翠水乡[译注 3]甚至到达被征服的达尔马斯卡纳夏,这样他们就能给足帝国压力,使其避免双线作战。尽管飞燕知道并非所有人都将响应这次的号召,但他相信多玛的邻居们都对自由怀有相同的渴望。如果能了解到形势已危如累卵,他们也许会同意结盟。
  • Later Hien returns to The Burn where a barrier is raised and almost at the same time an imperial airship lands in the place, inside it was Gaius van Baelsar, now calling himself "Shadowhunter", he returns an Alphinaud unconscious for the care of the Scions and warns about the new weapon of the empire; the Black Rose.
  • 不久后,飞燕返回了终末焦土并建立起一处屏障。几乎与此同时,一艘帝国飞船也在那里登陆了,里面是现在自称“暗影猎人”的盖乌斯。他将拂晓众人心系的处于昏迷中的阿尔菲诺带了回来,并警告了他们关于帝国的新型武器“黑玫瑰”[译注 4]的事。
  • As Garlemeid initiates a heavy attack, Hien as representative of Doma, now in the alliance against the Empire, participates alongside other representatives of the alliance in an audience with the Emperor Varis zos Galvus, after the negotiations there was no agreement Garlemaid continues his attack. When the battle begins Hien and Yugiri enter the battlefield with the Warrior of Light. During the second wave of the Garlean attack, Hien, Yugiri and Lyse face Elidibus, who are using Zenos's body, but are defeated by being surprised with Elidibus being able to use magic in a Garlean body, only to the Warrior of Light arrives to continue the battle in its place.
  • 在帝国军发起了一次猛攻的同时,飞燕作为多玛的代表,对抗帝国的同盟者一员,与联盟的其它代表们出席了和皇帝瓦厉斯的会议。谈判过后,双方未能达成一致,帝国军继续进攻。当战斗开始时,飞燕、夕雾与光之战士进入了战场。在帝国第二波攻势时,飞燕、夕雾和莉瑟面对着使用着芝诺斯身体的艾里迪布斯,然而却出乎意料地因艾里迪布斯能以加雷马人的身体使用魔法而被击败了,只留下赶到战场的光之战士继续了这场战斗。


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