Y'mhitra Rhul,ヤ・ミトラ・ルル
FFXIV Y'mhitra.png
种族 猫魅族逐日之民
年龄 26

根本不用担心这个嘛。 因为我相信你一定没问题的。

—— 雅·蜜特拉


  • Y'mhitra Rhul, also known as Y'mhitra the Learned, who is a resident of Gridania and member of the Sons of Saint Coinach. Like her half-sister Y'shtola, Y'mhitra is a conjurer.
  • 雅·蜜特拉·路尔(ヤ・ミトラ・ルル Y'mhitra Rhul),也被称作博学的雅·蜜特拉,是一名格里达尼亚的居民、圣寇伊纳克财团[译注 1]的成员。跟她那同父异母的姐姐雅·修特拉一样,雅·蜜特拉是一名幻术师



  • Y'mhitra is born the seventh of twelve sisters, and attended the Studium where she specialized in the field of archaeology. Upon graduating she joined the Sons of Saint Coinach, and travelled to Eorzea to survey the surrounding ruins. It is here where they discovered Allagan tomestones detailing the existence of summoners, excited Y'hmitra relocated to Gridania to deepen her understanding of the summoning arts.
  • 雅·蜜特拉在12个姐妹中排行第七,曾进入魔法大学[译注 2]就读,专攻考古专业。毕业后,她加入了圣寇伊纳克财团,并前往艾欧泽亚去调查周围的遗址。在那里他们发现了详细描述了召唤师存在的亚拉戈遗物,兴奋的雅·蜜特拉搬到格里达尼亚以加深自己对召唤技艺的理解。


  • Y'mhitra is the main quest giver for the Summoner job. Through her guidance, the adventurer can revive the Allagan art of summoning the essence of primals into egi.
  • 雅·蜜特拉是召唤师任务的主要给予者。通过她的指导,冒险者可以复活召唤蛮神之灵本质所需的亚拉戈技艺。
  • Having become proficient in arcanima, she takes the player to the Sagolii Desert where the essence of Ifrit can be summoned as an egi using the soul crystal. By defeating the entity in combat, Ifrit-Egi can be summoned into battle. Once Titan is defeated by the adventurer she will take him or her to Finder's Bluff in North Shroud where Titan-Egi is summoned and bent to the adventurer's will. A dark summoner accosts them, demanding they surrender the soul crystal, but they fend him off and escape.
  • 在精通秘术以后,她带领玩家进入撒勾厉沙漠[译注 3],在那里可以通过使用灵魂水晶将伊弗利特的本质召唤为一个灵。在任务中击败她的实体以后,伊弗利特就可以战斗中召唤了。在泰坦被冒险者击败后,她将立刻带着冒险者前往黑衣森林北部林区的山人岩穴[译注 4],在那里泰坦之灵会被召唤,并屈从于冒险者的意志。一个黑暗召唤师会来与他们搭讪,要求他们交出灵魂水晶,但是他们在避开他后逃走了。
  • She later learns it was a man named Tristan Nightflicker, and asks the adventurer to investigate his activities near Little Ala Mihgo. This leads to an attack by his associates that must be driven off. Once Garuda is slain at the Howling Eye she has Garuda-egi summoned atop the Floating City of Nym in Outer La Noscea.
  • 她后来知道了这是一个名为特里斯坦[译注 5]的男人,要求冒险者去调查他在小阿拉米格[译注 6]附近的活动。这将招致他同伙的攻击。一旦迦楼罗在呼啸眼石塔群[译注 7]处被杀死,她会在拉诺西亚外地尼姆浮游遗迹[译注 8]的上部召唤迦楼罗之灵。
  • Y'mithra also sends the adventurer to her colleagues at Saint Coinach's Find in Mor Dhona, who have unearthed garbs once worn by summoners of old. Eventually, Tristan is confronted in the Singing Shards, where it is discovered he was making deals with an Ascian to obtain power. In exchange for several crystals, the Ascian agrees to teach him how to summon the egi of an ancient primal, Belias. Y'mhitra and the player confront him and his new primal in a showdown.
  • 雅·蜜特拉将冒险者送到她在摩杜纳圣寇伊纳克调查地[译注 9]处的同事那里,他们发掘出了古代召唤师们穿的服装。最终,特里斯坦会在歌咏峡谷[译注 10]被遇到,他被发现与一名无影做交易以获取力量。作为几个水晶的交换,无影同意教他如何召唤一个古代蛮神,贝利亚斯[译注 11]的灵。雅·蜜特拉与玩家会与他和他的新蛮神一决胜负。


  • Y'mhitra becomes instrumental in Y'shtola's return from Eorzea's Lifestream since Kan-E-Senna needed someone similar to her sister to hone in on her being.
  • 在雅·修特拉从地脉[译注 12]回归艾欧泽亚的过程中,雅·蜜特拉起到了帮助,因为嘉恩·艾·神纳需要与她的姐姐相似的某人来找到她的存在。
  • When Alphinaud Leveilleur, Tataru Taru and the adventurer learn that Y'shtola's aetherial signature went to the Twelveswood, they seek out the help of the Elder Seedseer, Kan-E-Senna who informs them the process is not simple and mentions the possibility of a family member aiding it. Tataru exclaims that Y'shtola has a half-sister, Y'mhitra, who joined the Sons of Saint Coinach and is in Gridania. Y'mhitra tells the group that when she heard what happened to "Shtola" (her personal way of addressing her sister) she attempted to make contact with the missing Scion but to no avail. She reveals that though Y'shtola and herself are of different mothers, they share the same father. She agrees to help bring her back.
  • 阿尔菲诺塔塔露和冒险者得知雅·修特拉的以太信号进入了十二林时,他们前去寻求幻术皇嘉恩·艾·神纳的帮助,她提示他们这个过程并不简单,并提到可能需要一名雅·修特拉的家人来援助。塔塔露惊呼雅·修特拉有一个同父异母的妹妹雅·蜜特拉,她加入了圣寇伊纳克财团,目前在格里达尼亚。雅·蜜特拉告诉这群人她听说了发生在修特拉(对她姐姐的私人称呼)身上的事,她尝试过与失踪的贤人联系,但徒劳无功。她透露尽管雅·修特拉与她异母,但她们同父。她同意去帮助找回雅·修特拉。
  • With Y'mhitra's presence, Kan-E-Senna, Raya-O-Senna and A-Ruhn-Senna locate Y'shtola in the Lifestream and retrieve her. Y'mhitra accompanies her unconscious sister while Kan-E-Senna advises the others to wait till she comes to.
  • 当雅·修特拉出现时,嘉恩·艾·神纳,拉雅·奥·神纳阿·卢恩·神纳在地脉中找到了雅·修特拉并带回了她。雅·蜜特拉陪着她的失去意识的姐姐,嘉恩·艾·神纳则建议其他人去等待她醒来。
  • Y'mhitra continues her role as an advisor to summoners. Rammbroes presents her with a tomestone containing information on more of Alagan summoning arts, and notes the Singing Shards might be suitable for drawing a lightning-aspected egi. However, they are unable to draw Ramuh-egi to the site to commit Austerities of Lightning.
  • 雅·蜜特拉继续行使她召唤师指导者的角色。拉姆布鲁斯[译注 13]赠予了她一块包含着更多亚拉戈召唤技艺信息的遗物,并指出歌咏峡谷也许会是个适合吸引雷属性之灵的地方。然而,他们并不能将拉姆之灵吸引到这个地方进行雷之苦修[译注 14]
  • There have been sightings a of a dark mage attacking travelers with Ifrit-egi in Thanalan. Working with Dancing Wolf of the Immortal Flames, they corner and defeat the mage in Northern Thanalan. Dancing Wolf explains it is the body of Tristan's brother, who was tempered by Ifrit. The Ascian of the Twelth Chalice appears, irritated at losing another pawn and reveals to be behind the incidents.
  • 萨纳兰出现了一名黑暗魔法师带着伊弗利特之灵攻击旅者的场景。与恒辉队的丹兴·伍尔夫[译注 15]一起工作时,他们在北萨纳兰将这名魔法师逼到角落里并击败了他。丹兴·伍尔夫解释说这是特里斯坦的哥哥的尸体,他被伊弗利特精炼了。十二圣杯无影[译注 16]出现了,他由于失去了一个手下而被激怒,并透露他就是这些事件的幕后主使。
  • During her research on Summoner arts, Y'mhitra learned the reason they couldn't call forth Ramuh-egi was due to limited capacity of a summoner's lifeforce (having already harnessed three egis). She learns of another technique, called Trance, that can bypass these restrictions and allow the Summoner to harness the power of a primal directly. To combat the Ascian threat, she concludes the best option would be the Dreadwyrm Bahamut itself, whose fury was felt across the land in the Calamity. By sneaking into the Carteneau Flats, she has the adventurer meditate on Bahamut's influence. The Ascian of the Twelth Chalice attack with various egi, but once the Dreadwyrm Trance is mastered and his egi are destroyed, the Ascian flees.
  • 雅·蜜特拉在研究召唤师技艺时,了解到了不能招来拉姆之灵的原因是召唤师的生命力限制了容量(已经驾驭了三灵了)。她学会了另一种技巧,名为“神灵附体”,可以绕过这些限制,允许召唤师直接利用蛮神的力量。为了解决无影的威胁,她推断最佳选择应该是巴哈姆特本身,整个大陆在灵灾中都体会到了他的怒火。通过潜入加尔提诺平原,她让冒险者去思考巴哈姆特的影响。十二圣杯无影带着各种灵前来进攻,但当龙神附体被掌握,无影的灵被摧毁时,他就逃走了。
  • Noting his sudden cowardice, Y'mhitra suspects lesser Ascians are unable to possess living hosts like the overlords (such as Lahabrea) in the event their old body is slain. Thinking they would need corpses to persist—and the restricted Carteneau Flats would not have any available—he wasn't going to risk dissipation at that point. She claims another technique is available, located in the Great Gubal Library. Outside the old facility the Ascian returns with three others to assist him. This was all part of Y'mhitra's plan: by tricking them into an ambush, and knowing the adventurer needed to be in the heat of battle to master the Dreadwyrm Trance (the library was a ruse), she lured them into the secluded Hinterlands where no readily available corpses would be nearby. The four Ascians are destroyed thanks to the adventurer's new mastery of Deathflare.
  • 注意到他突然的胆怯,雅·蜜特拉怀疑较低层的无影与高阶领主(如拉哈布雷亚)不同,他们在战斗中失去了身体没有肉体可以依附就不能存在。她理解到了他们需要尸体去维持存在,而加尔提诺平原没有任何可利用的尸体,所以无影不敢在灵魂消散的情况下冒险。她提出了另一种可行的技术,它被存放在迦巴勒幻想图书馆[译注 17]内。在这个古老的场所外,无影带着另外3人协助他。这些全都在雅·蜜特拉的计划内:在得知冒险者需要在激烈的战斗中才能掌握龙神附体后(图书馆是个幌子),诱骗他们进入埋伏,将他们引入偏僻的龙堡内陆低地,在那附近没有任何尸体可以利用。由于冒险者新学会的死亡轮回,4名无影被消灭了。



  • Y'mhitra's name might come from the word "Mithra," the name of the cat race in Final Fantasy XI. Y'mhitra is from the same clan as Y'shtola: the Jaguar.
  • 雅·蜜特拉的名字可能来自单词“Mithra”,《最终幻想11》中猫族的名字。雅·蜜特拉与雅·修特拉来自同一个家族:捷豹(the Jaguar)。


  • Y'mhitra's location now is the same location as were Louisoix Leveilleur in the Sixth Astral Era and they both give quest related to a primal.
  • 雅·蜜特拉目前的位置与路易索瓦第六星历时的位置一样,并且他们都是给出与蛮神相关任务的人。
  • One of Y'shtola's costumes in Dissidia Arcade resembles Y'mhitra, with a blue top that consists of grayish patterns, black trousers and white shoes.
  • 雅·修特拉在《最终幻想:纷争》中的服装很像雅·蜜特拉——带着灰色图案的蓝上衣、黑色的裤子以及白色的鞋子。


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