—— 官方描述

  • At a glance, the Ananta's upper body appears similar to that of a Hyuran female, but closer inspection reveals that the "hair" upon her head is in fact a cowl of strands formed from rigid scales. Her most distinctive feature, of course, is a serpent -like lower body- a sinuous appendage which propels her along the ground with an undulating motion. An Ananta molts at regular intervals, constantly renewing the glossy sheen of her scaled skin.
  • 乍看起来,阿难陀族Ananta)的上半身与人族女性类似,但是靠近观察的话就会发现她们头上的“头发”实际上是由一大片坚硬的鳞片构成的发束。显而易见,阿难陀族最突出的特征就是她们下半身像蛇一样的身体——这种弯曲的附肢能推动她们在地面上蜿蜒前进。一名阿难陀族女性会规律性蜕皮,使她们的鳞片状的皮肤持续闪耀光泽。
  • The Ananta tribe has traditionally followed the rule of a broodmother who inherited her position through familial succession -a bloodline that legend says can be traced back to the very first Ananta brought into being by the Lady of Bliss. Since the Empire conquered the region, however, the tribe has splintered over differences in ideology, and the Qalyana broodmother's unifying presence has begun to weaken.
  • 阿难陀族传统上遵循着代代相传的主母的规矩——据说,这种血脉可以追溯到第一个由吉祥天女创造的阿难陀族。然而,自从帝国征服这片区域后,这个部族已经因意识形态的分歧而分裂,伽黎亚派主母一统天下的现状也开始动摇。
伽黎亚派 Qalyana
毗罗派 Vira


  • possessed of a unique sense of beauty, the Ananta favor a symbol based upon their own shimmering scales to represent their tribe. The crest of the Vira, however, is a variation of the design used by their kin, the Qalyana, and employs an inverse color scheme.
  • 阿难陀族有一种特殊的审美,她们偏好用自己闪闪发光的鳞片来作为代表部族的象征。然而,毗罗派[译注 1]的头饰与她们的近亲伽黎亚派[译注 2]在设计上有所不同,两者采用了相反的配色。


  • The Ananta are hunter-gatherers, and subsist primarily on the flesh of the prey they bring down. This reliance on meat is in large part due to the stark landscape of Gyr Abania, and the scarcity of wild fruits and other vegetation. They are, however, fond of certain species of fungi, and have been known to use mushroom for added flavor in their cooking.
  • 阿难陀族是采猎者,主要靠她们带回猎物的肉来维持生活。对于肉类的依赖很大程度上源于基拉巴尼亚地区严酷的地貌,以及缺少野生蔬果的生长。然而,她们却喜爱某些特定种类的真菌,并以在烹饪中使用蘑菇来增添风味而闻名。


声望任务详见: 阿露帕国境警备队



  • Unlike the forgecraft of other races, where minerals are refined with fire, the Ananta employ spells to extract metal directly from the ore. The meterials thus obtained are then shaped with the caress of magic rather than the blow of hammer, resulting in pieces which shimmer with a preternatural gleam. Those especially practiced in the art can manufacture adornments of incredibly delicate and organic design with a swiftness that would be all but impossible using conventional crafting methods. Until recently, the market for those goods has been limite to neighbors such as the M tribe, but with the reopening of trade routes, entrepreneurs expect demand for the jewekry to sweep across Eorzea.
  • 与其他种族使用火提炼矿物的锻造工艺不同,阿难陀族使用法术直接从矿石中提取金属。这些材料是在魔法的爱抚而不是锤子的敲打下成形的,其材质因此会闪耀出异样的光芒。那些特别精于此道的人制造出的装饰品,往往有机设计[译注 3]、快速还带有令人难以置信的精巧,使用传统的工艺几乎不可能达到这种效果。直到最近,市场对于这些货物的需求还仅限于相邻地区,比如梅氏部族,但是随着贸易路线的重新开放,企业家们预计对于这些珠宝的需求将横扫整个艾欧泽亚


  • The Ananta are also known for weaving bolts of exquisite cloth, but have proven unwilling to divulge the secret of their craft. Both the Weavers' and Alchemists' guilds of Ul'dah have examined the cloth in an attempt to divine the method of its creation, but have succeeded only in deducing that some manner of enchantment accompanied the spinning of the thread.
  • 阿难陀族也以编织精美的布匹闻名,但她们却不愿意泄露自己手艺的秘诀。乌尔达哈裁衣匠行会与炼金术士行会都检查过这种布匹,想探明它是怎么织出来的,最终却只推断出纺线的过程中伴随着某些魔法仪式存在。


详见词条 美神


  • The Ananta are proficient in metal-shaping, spellcraft, and use their magicks to construct ovoid dwellings from the ore they draw forth from the ground. Djanan Qhat, the Qalyana broodmother's fortress, is a prime example of this unique form of architecture. Ensconced within their territory, the Qalyana isolate themselves from other civilization in a bid to preserve their traditional way of life.
  • 阿难陀族精通金属塑形与施法,并使用她们的法术来建造卵状建筑,建筑材料来自她们从地下采掘出的矿石。伽黎亚派主母的城堡天母寝宫[译注 4],便是这种独特构造的建筑的最好范例。为了保护她们传统生活方式,伽黎亚派安居在自己的领土内,与其他的文明隔绝开来。
  • Conversely, the Vira faction of the Ananta elected to leave their ancestral stronghold and found the small settlement of Vira Nilya to the southwest. Unified under the guidance of Sarisha, the Vira have contributed soldiers to the Ala Mhigan Resistance, and actively sought interaction with outsiders. They are also known to have formed a beneficial relationship with the nearby M tribe, and regularly barter goods with the Miqo'te.
  • 与之相反的是,阿难陀族中的毗罗派选择离开祖先的住地,并在西南方建立了小型定居点勇巢[译注 5]。毗罗派在萨利夏[译注 6]的领导下团结一心,为阿拉米格解放军贡献兵源,并与外界积极沟通。她们也与附近的梅氏部族[译注 7]建立了友善的关系,与这些猫魅族定期进行以物易物的交易。
  • Regardless of faction, all Ananta decorate their bodies with spell-shaped metallic jewelry featuring embedded crystals. These crystalline pieces are worn to honor Lakshmi's demands for beauty, and are valued as a reflection of the wearer's soul.
  • 无论是哪一派系,所有的阿难陀族都使用嵌入了水晶、并由法术所塑造的金属珠宝来装饰自己,借此表达对吉祥天女美学要求的敬仰。这些水晶物件也被称为映心之物。
  • 映心之物的持有者会在迎来死亡的时候将它送给最为亲密的人。


  • Ananta lay eggs without the need for a mate, and whilst the bonds between mother and daughter are strong, they have but a tenuous concept of family. For those serpentine women there is only the "Ananta" and "everyone else" -they do not see the necessity for a family name to distinguish themselves from their own kin. The names of individuals come from their own language, and are often based upon Ananta terms for things of beauty.
  • 阿难陀族不需要配偶就能诞出下一代,虽然母女间的联系很紧密,她们对家庭的观念却很淡薄。对于这些像蛇一样的女性来说,她们只认“阿难陀族”与“她们自己”这两种关系,而不需要一个姓氏去将她们与同族辨别开来。每个人的名字来源于她们自己的语言,通常基于阿难陀族描绘美丽事物的术语。


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  2. 伽黎亚派:the Qalyana
  3. 有机设计是一种艺术设计概念,指的是造形上展示曲线或生物形态,强调自然之美
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