种族 鱼人族
从西拉诺西亚远道而来, 鱼人族战士之父诺布!呼嘶!

—— 诺布


  • Novv is the principal character in the Sahagin Beast-Tribe quests.
  • 诺布(ノォヴ Novv)鱼人族蛮族任务中的主要角色。



  • A Sahagin warrior of great renown, Novv was once the leader of the notoriously violent Coral Tridents. Novv led this band of bloodthirsty beastmen on countless raids, performing deeds of such brutal savagery that he became known as the "Scarlet Sea Devil"—a name that struck fear in the hearts of even the stoutest sailors.
  • 作为一名赫赫有名的鱼人族战士,诺布曾经是臭名昭著的暴力组织珊瑚尖枪[译注 1]的领导者。诺布过去曾领导着这群嗜血的蛮族发起无数的袭击,因其残暴野蛮的行径而被称作“红珊瑚海魔”[译注 2]——即使是最强壮的水手,在听到这个名字后也会心颤。
  • Fifteen years ago, however, the Knights of the Barracuda launched a retaliatory strike against the Sahagin, specifically targeting Novv's unprotected nursery. The Lominsans slaughtered every spawning, and built a pile of their corpses for the Sea Devil to discover upon his return. Novv was gripped by a towering rage when he beheld the bloody warning, but his anger soon turned to guilt and agonizing sorrow as he came to realize how his own acts had invited such horrendous retribution. Seeking to end his part in the escalating hate, the twenty-four-year-old Novv chose to withdraw from the Sahagin's pillaging and quietly turn his attention to raising a new clutch of offspring.
  • 然而,十五年前,梭鱼骑士团[译注 3]对鱼人族发起了一次报复性袭击,尤其针对诺布未保护好的苗床。罗敏萨人杀死了每一只卵,并将尸体堆积在一起,方便海魔回来时发现。当诺布看到这血腥的警告时,他被冲天的怒气所支配,但不久后,当他意识到正是自己的行为招致了如此可怕的报复时,他的怒气很快便化为负罪感与极度的悲伤。为了让这不断升级的仇恨中不再有自己的影子,24岁的诺布选择从鱼人族的劫掠行为中脱身,并将他的精力放在养育下一代中。


  • Clutchfather Novv leads a band of non-hostile Sahagin in the Halfstone area of Western La Noscea. He and is his clutch are introduced by rescuing a hyur boy that survived a Sahagin attack on a ship and returning him to shore. The child, Robyn, asks the kind sahagin be given a gift of gratitude for their rescue. Novv explains that since the Calamity, the Sahagin have begun to press into the Vylbrand coastlines in search of spawning grounds, bringing them into conflict with Limsa Lominsa and the Maelstrom.
  • 鱼人之父诺布在西拉诺西亚的二分石地[译注 4]领导着一支对外界友好的鱼人族。在一次鱼人族对船只的袭击中,诺布一伙在救助一名幸存的人族男孩并将其送回海岸时,被我们所了解。这名叫罗宾的孩子要求这位仁慈的鱼人接受他的礼物,作为对他们援助的感激。诺布解释说,自己灵灾以来,鱼人族为了搜索产卵地开始侵入威尔布兰德岛的海岸线,使他们陷入与利姆萨·罗敏萨黑涡团的争端中。
  • Though he professes little love for the "shorewalkers," he believes they cannot survive if they are killing each other in these trying times. Thus, he and his clutch seek to mitigate the efforts of the war-like Coral Tridents and the reprisals from the Maelstrom.
  • 尽管他声称对“陆行者”并无好感,但他相信如果他们在这个艰难的时期还在自相残杀,他们都很难活下去。因此诺布一伙尝试去减少喜好战争的珊瑚尖枪的行动,以及黑涡团的报复行为。
  • His eldest surviving child, however, insisted on seeking vengeance for his slain siblings. Becoming the new Scarlet Sea Devil, he attempted to wage a new reign of terror against Limsa Lominsa, forcing Novv to defeat him in battle and show him the error of his ways.
  • 然而,他幸存下来的长子却坚持为他被杀的同胞复仇。他成为了新的红珊瑚海魔,并尝让新一轮的恐惧笼罩在利姆萨·罗敏萨的上空,这迫使诺布在战斗中去击败他,并向他展示其行为的错误之处。
  • Novv later joined with 789th Order Pickman Gi Gu, Frixio, Sezul Totoloc, and Hamujj Gah to form the Beastman Alliance, in order to defeat Memeriga and Nhaza'a Jaab.
  • 诺布之后会与第789团采集员基古[译注 5]弗里克希奥赛兹尔·托托罗克哈姆基·夏组成六族同盟,以击败梅梅里加[译注 6]纳扎·阿·嘉布


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