种族 精灵族

—— 艾默里克·德·博雷尔


  • Aymeric is a man of Ishgard, and Lord Commander of the Temple Knights. Though not of noble birth, he rose in rank by virtue of his countless accomplishments and achieved his current station. As the war against dragonkind rages on, Aymeric risks life and limb to protect his people.
  • 艾默里克·德·博雷尔(アイメリク・ド・ボーレル Aymeric de Borel)是一名伊修加德人,神殿骑士团的总骑士长。尽管出身并不高贵,但他凭借斩获无数成就的长处而晋升,并达到了今天所处的位置。随着对抗龙族的战争愈演愈烈,艾默里克冒着负伤与死亡的危险保护他的人民。



  • Ser Aymeric is born the illegitimate son of Thordan VII, having risen to the ranks of Lord Commander of the Temple Knights despite the social stigma held against him. After the Holy See's long silence towards the other city-states, Ser Aymeric calls for a meeting with Alphinaud Leveilleur at Camp Dragonhead. Requesting the Warrior of Light to accompany him, Lord Haurchefant shows them to the fort's intercessory where the meeting takes place. After exchanging pleasantries, Alphinaud urges that Ishgard rejoin the Eorzean Alliance due to persistent threat posed by Garleans and primals. Aymeric disagrees, as the Ixal have so far directed all hostilities to Gridania and not the Holy See, and thus have deemed Natalan to not be a threat. While cognizant of the Garlean threat and the potential invasion, the current garrisons have remained quiet since the death of Gaius van Baelsar, and so Ishgard sees no urgency. On top of all, Ishgard's knights are devoted to the Dragonsong War with the Dravanian Horde.
  • 艾默里克爵士是托尔丹七世的私生子,尽管背负着污点身份,他还是晋升为神殿骑士团的总骑士长。在圣座对于其他城邦长久的沉默之后,艾默里克爵士要求与阿尔菲诺·莱韦耶勒尔巨龙首营地召开一次会谈。奥尔什方队长请求光之战士陪着他,并将它们带到召开会议的接待室。寒暄过后,由于帝国和蛮神的持续威胁,阿尔菲诺敦促伊修加德方面重新加入艾欧泽亚同盟军。艾默里克并不同意,鸟人族迄今为止的所有敌对行动都指向格里达尼亚而不是圣座,因此他并不认为风扬殖民地构成威胁。尽管意识到帝国的威胁与潜在入侵的可能,但是自从盖乌斯·范·巴埃萨死后,目前的驻军没什么动静,所以伊修加德方面并没有看出什么紧迫性。伊修加德骑士们的首要任务还是投身于对抗龙族的龙诗战争中。
  • When Alphinaud asks why he called the meeting if Ishgard's policy hasn't changed, Aymeric clarifies he came not just as a representative. In exchange for ensuring the supplies to Revenant's Toll continues, he asks that the Keeper of the Lake in Mor Dhona be watched closely. The dragon star has brightened and Ishgard's astrologians believe it to herald the resurrection of the wyrmking Midgardsormr.
  • 当阿尔菲诺问道如果伊修加德方面的政策没有改变的话为什么他要召开这次会议,艾默里克澄清他这次来并不仅仅是作为一个代表。作为确保丧灵钟的供给继续进行的交换,他要求密切监视摩杜纳密约之塔。龙之星变亮了,伊修加德的占星学家相信这预示着尘世幻龙的复活。
  • As Alphanaud agrees with Aymeric's terms, a House Fortemps knight bursts in to inform another caravan was raided by Iceheart's Harriers. In investigating the incident Alphinaud realizes the heretics are trying to summon their Saint Shiva as a primal. With the threat of heretics escalating, Aymeric dispatches his Temple Knights to Whitebrim Front to assist Lord Drillemont's men in investigating Snowcloak.
  • 当阿尔菲诺同意艾默里克的条件时,福尔唐家的骑兵闯进来通报到又有一辆货车被冰之巫女的“Harriers”袭击了。在调查事件的过程中,阿尔菲诺意识到异教徒们正在尝试召唤他们的蛮神希瓦。随着异教徒的威胁不断升级,艾默里克把他的神殿骑士派到白云崖前线支援德里耶蒙的人调查批雪大冰壁
  • After an exploratory search in the Snowcloak tunnel system ended with Iceheart escaping through an Aetheryte, a merchant is caught dealing with the heretics near the Observatorium. The merchant is wanted by the Crystal Braves for his connections to an imperial spy known as "the Ivy." After being interrogated by Marshal Ilberd, the merchant is turned over to the Temple Knights for further questioning.
  • 在对批雪大冰壁的隧道系统的彻查以冰之巫女通过以太之光逃走而告终后,在阿德内尔占星台附近有一位和异教徒交易的商人被捉个正着。这名商人由于和帝国著名的间谍机构“常春藤”有联系而被水晶义勇队所通缉。在被队长伊尔伯德审问后,这名商人被移交给神殿骑士团进行进一步地问讯。
  • Once the threat of Shiva is eliminated Aymeric calls another meeting in Dragonhead. This being the first time the Holy See had to deal with a primal, he thanks the Scions for their aid, as otherwise it was unlikely their knights could've handled such a being. Ishgard had stayed out of the primal affairs since despite losing two Vigils to the Dravanian Horde Garuda never stormed the Gates of Judgement. Aymeric notes the incident with Shiva may lead to a change of policy.
  • 希瓦的威胁被解除后,艾默里克即刻在巨龙首召开了另一场会议。这是圣座第一次不得不应对蛮神,他感谢拂晓对他们的支援,否则他们的骑士们不太能应对这样一个生物。尽管丢失了2座石卫塔给龙族,迦楼罗却从未冲破过大审门,伊修加德也因此一直远离蛮神的事务。艾默里克指出,有关希瓦的事件可能会导致政策的变化。
  • As the subject returns to the matter of the Keeper of the Lake, Alphinaud accuses the Holy See of using Revenant's Toll to protect its southern front. Aymeric confirms, as it has everything to gain from the settlement flourishing and denying the Horde an avenue of assault. The nobles of Ishgard are reluctant to open trust to outsiders, a stance Aymeric will attempt to improve through his station. He introduces Lucia goe Junius, the taciturn knight standing beside him, as his second-in-command, and explains to speak with her if he cannot be reached in the future.
  • 当主题转回密约塔的问题时,阿尔菲诺指责圣座方面利用丧灵钟保护它的南方前线。艾默里克证实了这一点,因为圣座既可以通过这个繁华的居所获得一切,又可以抵挡龙族的进攻途径。艾默里克将试图通过自己的地位来改变伊修加德的贵族们拒绝向外人敞开信任之门的形势。他介绍到站在他身边沉默寡言的骑士露琪亚是他的副手,并解释说,如果将来他不在场的话,可以和她谈话。
  • Aymeric oversees the defense of Ishgard due to Nidhogg's song rallying the Dravanian Horde. Matters are complicated due to Lady Iceheart sabotaging the outermost ward of Daniffens' Collar rendering the city-state more vulnerable, and Aymeric has no choice but to ask Alphinaud to gather aid from the Scions and the Eorzean Alliance. With the aid of adventurers, sellswords, the Crystal Braves, and the Warrior of Light, the main host is routed, with Nidhogg's champion Vishap slain at the Steps of Faith.
  • 艾默里克负责防守由于尼德霍格的鸣声而集结的龙群。由于冰之巫女破坏了魔法障壁“圣人达奈芬的首饰”的最外层,这个城邦变得脆弱,问题变得更加复杂化。艾默里克别无选择,只得请求阿尔菲诺从拂晓和艾欧泽亚同盟军处获得援助。在冒险者们、佣兵们、水晶义勇队和光之战士的帮助下,主要的敌人被击溃了,尼德霍格的眷属“维刹普”也于云廊处被击杀。
  • Ser Aymeric and Lucia attend the Sultana's banquet in Ul'dah where he intends to formally thank the Eorzean Alliance for their contribution and vouches to recommend that the Holy See joins forces with the other city-states. As Teledji Adeledji arrives several templars from Ishgard bring word of another assault by the Dravanians. As Aymeric and Lucia must leave despite the suspicious circumstances, they do not witness the fateful events that transpire after.
  • 艾默里克爵士和露琪亚参加了乌尔达哈女王的宴会,他打算在那里正式感谢艾欧泽亚同盟军作出的贡献,并保证向圣座方面推荐加入其它城邦的军队。当泰勒吉·阿代勒吉到来时,几名来自伊修加德的神殿骑士带来了龙族又一次入侵的消息。尽管情况可疑,艾默里克爵士和露琪亚必须离开,他们也因此没有看到后面发生的致命事件。


  • Aymeric uses his position as Lord Commander to assist the Warrior of Light and Alphinaud. While preparing to bolster the defenses, Aymeric agrees to Alphinaud's request to not mount a counterattack against the Dravanian Horde. Alphinaud, the Warrior of Light and Estinien Wyrmblood while kept in the dark of their goal to find Ysayle journey to Dravania to try to parlay with the Dravanian Horde. When the group returns and tells Aymeric what they learned about the true history of Ishgard, he insists on confronting Thordan VII to expose the truth hidden from Ishgard's people for the good of their nation.
  • 艾默里克用他总骑士长的位置与协助光之战士和阿尔菲诺。在准备加强防御的同时,艾默里克同意阿尔菲诺的请求不对龙族发动反击。阿尔菲诺、光之战士、埃斯蒂尼安伊塞勒在他们要寻找的目标还潜藏在黑暗中时,尝试着去往龙族领地和龙族谈判。当这伙人返回并告诉艾默里克他们了解到了有关伊修加德真正的历史时,他为了国家的利益,坚持与托尔丹七世对抗,揭露隐藏在伊修加德人民面前的真相。
  • After Thordan explains his reasons, a speechless Aymeric is placed in the Vault for interrogation while labeled a heretic and his command over the Temple Knights taken by the Heavens' Ward. When rescued by the Warrior of Light's party, Aymeric again tries to reason with Thordan as he and his knights leave to find the key to Azys Lla. Aymeric remains to keep order in Ishgard while the Warrior of Light and their allies pursue the Archbishop. In the aftermath of Thordan's death Aymeric intends to make amends for the actions of his ancestors. Assuming leadership of Ishgard until canon law, feeling he cannot step down for voted successor to his father in light of recent events, Aymeric signs his country's entry into the Eorzean Alliance.
  • 在托尔丹解释了他的理由后,说不出话的艾默里克被放在教皇厅审问并被打上异教徒的标签,他对神殿骑士们的掌控权也被苍穹骑士剥夺了。在被光之战士一伙人救出时,艾默里克因为要寻找通往魔大陆阿济兹拉的钥匙,而再次试图说服托尔丹。在光之战士一行人追逐教皇时,艾默里克维持了伊修加德的秩序。在托尔丹之死的余波过去后,艾默里克打算弥补他的祖先作出的行为。鉴于最近的事件,直到教会法颁布、投票选出的他父亲的继任者到来前,艾默里克觉得自己还不能下台,并一直担任着伊修加德的领袖。艾默里克签署了他的国家加入艾欧泽亚同盟军的协议。
  • Aymeric finds his noble intent to expose the truth of the Dragonsong War has caused the clergy and commoners to refuse to accept the truth and believe Thordan was deposed of by traitorous means. To assuage the fear in the populace, Aymeric sends Lucia and the Scions to Anyx Trine to have peace talks with Vidofnir.As Vidofnir accepts peace after speaking with her sire Hraesvelgr on the matter, Aymeric is nearly killed by an assassin under the True Brotherhood of the Faith who also orchestrated a widespread arson. Aymeric survives thanks to Count Edmont and Lord Artoirel's intervention.
  • 艾默里克发现他揭露龙诗战争的高尚意图,以导致神职人员和平民们拒绝接受真相并相信托尔丹是被用叛国手段罢黜的。为了平息民众的恐惧,艾默里克将露琪亚和拂晓一行人送到不洁三塔维德弗尼尔进行和平会谈。在维德弗尼尔与她的父亲赫拉斯瓦尔格就这个问题谈过后,她接受了和平。艾默里克几乎被豪胆将军的精兵的一名刺客杀死,他们还精心策划了一起大范围纵火。艾默里克能活下来多亏福尔唐伯爵和阿图瓦雷尔少爷的干预。
  • After the arson is investigated the fundamentalists take several refugees had they lured into the Vault hostage to force Aymeric to have himself be tried for patricide and treason. Aymeric, Artoirel, and the Scions enter the Vault to rescue the hostages. Though the leader of the fundamentalists throws a captive girl named Maelie off the Vault, she is saved by Vidofnir who relays a message to Aymeric from Hraesvelgr that Nidhogg and his brood are on the move.
  • 纵火案被调查后,原教旨主义者们诱骗了几名难民进入教皇厅作为人质,欲迫使艾默里克以弑父罪和叛国罪受审。艾默里克、阿图瓦雷尔和拂晓一行人进入教皇厅营救难民们。尽管原教旨主义者们的头目将一名被俘获的名为玛埃莉的女孩抛下教皇厅,她却被来向艾默里克传递赫拉斯瓦尔格的关于尼德霍格及他的子嗣们正在转移的消息的维德弗尼尔所救下来了。
  • Ser Aymeric plans to hold a peace conference in Falcon's Nest with the dragons of Dravania, with Vidofnir as representative of her father's brood. These plans are soured by protesters still uneasy at making peace with the nation's ancient enemies, along with Lord Emmanellain's poor handling that results in a protester being shot with arrows. In an effort to raise spirits before the conference, Aymeric decides to hold the Grand Melee planned between the Grand Companies and the Holy See outside the Gates of Judgment. He asks Emmanellain to participate to redeem himself and asks the Warrior of Light to participate on behalf of Ishgard as a beacon of hope. The spectacle concludes with a duel between the Warrior of Light and Flame General Aldynn.
  • 艾默里克爵士计划在集隼和作为她父亲代表的维德弗尼尔的龙族举行一次和平会谈。但是这些计划被那些仍对这个国家与其古老敌人和好而耿耿于怀的反对者们所嫉妒,还得加上埃马内兰对于一名反对者被箭射中的结果的糟糕处理。为了提振这次会议前的精神,艾默里克决定在大审门外举行大国防联军和圣座之间的联合演习。他要求埃马内兰参加以救赎自己并要求光之战士作为伊修加德希望的灯塔来参与。这场盛大的演出以光之战士和恒辉队总帅劳班·阿尔丁的对决而告终。
  • With the tensions lowered Aymeric goes ahead with the peace conference. It starts well, Aymeric delivering a stirring speech to let go of their hate and pain for the future while presenting a sculpture depicting Hrevelgr and Saint Shiva to symbolize his resolve to Vidofnir. The conference ends on a sour note when Nidhogg, possessing Estinien's body, wounds Vidofnir while declaring that the final chorus of the Dragonsong War is nigh, and none will escape his fury. As the great wyrm assumes his true form and flies off, he inspires hateful jeers from the citizens present. Aymeric whispers a vow unheard over the cries of "Death to Nidhogg!"
  • 随着紧张局势的缓和,艾默里克继续举行和平会议。它有一个好的开场,艾默里克发表了激动人心的演讲,让他们为了未来放下仇恨与痛苦并向维德弗尼尔展示了一尊雕刻着赫拉斯瓦尔格与圣女希瓦的雕像以象征他的决心。当控制着埃斯蒂尼安身体的尼德霍格击伤维德弗尼尔,同时宣告龙诗战争的终章即将到来,没人能逃过他的怒火时,会议以一个酸涩的音符结束。这条巨龙现出他的真龙形态并飞走了,激起了在场平民们仇恨的喝叫。“消灭尼德霍格!”的呼喊声中,艾默里克低语出一句无人听见的誓言。
  • With the reborn Nidhogg preparing for a final assault against Ishgard, Aymeric resolves to appeal for aid from Hraesvelgr despite the dragon's earlier refusal to help. He asks the Warrior of Light and Alphinaud to accompany him. Hraesvelgr is convinced by their resolve to put forth a trial to test their might. While the Warrior of Light battles Hraesvelgr, Aymeric is challenged by the dragon's child Vedrfolnir. Satisfied by the results of the trial, Hraesvelgr agrees to aid them in battling Nidhogg, and travels to Ishgard with the Warrior of Light's group. While Hraesvelgr and the Warrior destroy Nidhogg, Aymeric helps in the fight against Nidhogg's brood.
  • 重生的尼德霍格准备对伊修加德发起最后的攻击。尽管这些龙先前拒绝帮助,艾默里克还是决定向赫拉斯瓦尔格寻求援助。他要求光之战士与阿尔菲诺陪着他。赫拉斯瓦尔格被他们的决心打动了,并决定进行一场试验,以检验他们的力量。在光之战士和赫拉斯瓦尔格战斗时,艾默里克则被这条龙的孩子维德弗尼尔挑战。对于这场试验的结果感到满意,赫拉斯瓦尔格同意帮助他们对抗尼德霍格,并搭着光之战士一行人飞到伊修加德。在赫拉斯瓦尔格与光之战士杀死尼德霍格时,艾默里克则在帮忙应对尼德霍格的子嗣。
  • Upon Nidhogg's death and the end of the Dragonsong War Aymeric performs what he intends to be his final deed as acting head of state: ending Ishgard's thousand-year-old theocracy and establishing a republic in its stead. Intending to step down from power afterward, he is, much to his chagrin, immediately elected to the highest position in the new House of Lords. Resigned to his ongoing role, labeled by some as a new Azure Dragoon, Aymeric pledges to continue bringing about changes to Ishgard and supporting the Eorzean Alliance.
  • 随着尼德霍格之死以及龙诗战争的终结,艾默里克终于能作为这个城邦的领袖完成他计划中完成的最终行动:终结伊修加德持续千年的神权统治并建立一个共和国取代它。令他懊恼的是,意欲从权利上脱身的他,立刻被新的上议院选为最高职位。辞去目前的职位,并被一些人称作新的苍天之龙骑士,艾默里克承诺将继续为伊修加德带来变革并支持艾欧泽亚同盟军。


  • As part of the Eorzean Alliance, Aymeric leads Ishgard's forces during the liberation of Ala Mhigo and gathers with the other city-state leaders. During the final assault against the imperial forces in the city, Aymeric leads the charge into Ala Mhigo's castle after the Warrior of Light defeats the Magitek Scorpion.
  • 作为艾欧泽亚同盟军的一部分,在阿拉米格的解放战争中艾默里克领导着伊修加德的军队并与其他城邦的领导人汇合。在城中对帝国军队的最后一次进攻中,在光之战士击败魔导蝎后,艾默里克带领冲锋队进入阿拉米格的城堡。