种族 人族

—— 维斯


  • Voyce is a scholar researching the Sylphs, and plays a central role in the Sylph Beast-Tribe quests.
  • 维斯(ヴォイス,Voyce)是一名研究妖精族的学者,在妖精族的蛮族任务中扮演了一位主要角色。


  • The sylph beast-tribe quests begin when Serpent Commander Vorsaile Heuloix asks the player to find out why Voyce hasn't reported in yet from Little Solace. Arriving at the village, the sylphs are less than enthusiastic about the "bumbling one" that has been visiting lately. They reveal he had, against all warnings or common sense, went towards the Sylphlands alone, and are perplexed by the concern for his well-being. He is found in Larkscall being captive by malevolent touched sylphs, and rather quickly flees after being rescued.
  • 当正牙校沃尔赛勒要求玩家前去探查为什么维斯还没从妖精暂留地(Little Solace)传来消息时,妖精的蛮族任务便正式开启了。抵达村庄时,可以发现妖精们对最近来访的“不中用学者”兴趣缺缺。她们透露,维斯无视一切警告与常识,独自前往妖精领(Sylphlands),妖精们出于对其安危的关心而不知所措。他被发现于百灵啼(Larkscall)处被坏妖精们俘获了,获救后维斯迅速逃离了这里。
  • He tell about the story of the Chosen One, causing the other sylphs to become uneasy. Despite this, he doesn't fully grasp the significance of it, as shown when he absentmindedly reveals later the touched sylphs have the Chosen One's pod in their possession, leading to the player having to retrieve it. Later, the player is asked to retrieve him when his invisibility spell wore off in the Sylphlands. This had the unfortunate timing that enabled Diluxio of the touched sylphs to glamour itself into player's form and abscond with the Chosen One's pod.
  • 他讲述了有关神子(the Chosen One)的故事,这使其他的妖精们感到不安。尽管如此,他似乎还是没有抓住这件事的全部意义,这点在他之后透露坏妖精持有神子的摇篮时心不在焉的状态可以看出来。玩家们不得不根据指引将神子的摇篮夺回来。之后,由于维斯的隐形魔法在妖精领内失效了,玩家还需要将他也一并救回。屋漏偏逢连夜雨,坏妖精迪露希奥(Diluxio)变成冒险者的模样又带着神子的摇篮趁机逃走了。
  • The plan is to retrieve the pod from the Sylphlands again before the ritual of birthing can be performed, but Voyce would not be dissuaded from "helping." Wearing a chocobo suit and mask, he claims to be the heroic chocobo "Voco" and insists on accompanying the rescue mission. Despite his usual incompetence, he manages to slip past Diluxio and the touched sylphs while they're gloating about their victory before the player, and retrieve the Chosen One's pod. He doesn't make it very far, requiring the player to carry it the rest of the way. To everyone's disappointment, "Voco" managed to return alive from the Sylphlands, and happily claimed credit for rescuing the Chosen One in his report to Commander Heuloix.
  • 在神子降生的仪式举行前,抢夺摇篮的计划再次开始,然而维斯仍然不听劝阻,执意“帮助”。他穿成陆行鸟的模样,像英雄一般宣称自己是“陆行鸟维斯”,并坚持一起前往救援行动。尽管保持了一贯的无能,但他还是努力尝试趁迪露希奥等一众坏妖精为胜利沾沾自喜时,悄悄摸过去盗走神子摇篮。然而,他的行动并没能坚持太久,玩家得在剩余的路途中带着摇篮前行。让众人大失所望的是,“陆行鸟维斯”还是从妖精领回来了,而且他还在给沃尔赛勒的报告中兴奋的将功劳归于自己。
  • In the Beastman Alliance quests, Voyce sent a panicked message to Serpent Command. He and Frixio reveal that many podlings were kidnapped from Little Solace. Despite initially assuming the touched sylphs were responsible, a mysterious girl claims this is the work of a different party and hints that a similar event will occur in La Noscea. Voyce somehow concludes that pirates must be responsible, and asks that the player seek out a correspondence of his in Limsa Lominsa, setting off the story arc.
  • 在六族同盟任务中,维斯向正牙校传来了不安的消息。他与弗里克希奥透露,暂留地的许多摇篮都被拐走了。尽管一开始他们认为坏妖精要对此负责,但一位神秘的少女声称凶手另有其人,她还暗示一起类似的事件将在拉诺西亚发生。维斯于是又推断海盗必须得对此负责,便要求玩家前去寻找他在利姆萨·罗敏萨的一位好友,故事线由此继续展开。
  • He later reappears in Ul'dah with Skaetswys and Tatamaru as part of the investigation into Nhaza'a Jaab and the "Laughing Alchemists". Using his contacts at the Alchemist's Guild, he learns that the Laughing Alchemists had been procuring a number of highly illegal substances used in forbidden rituals and somehow concludes they're being used to turn beastmen into chocobos.
  • 他之后会与斯凯特希斯(Skaetswys)与塔塔拉姆(Tatamaru)一起出现在乌尔达哈调查纳扎·阿·嘉布与自笑堂。动用在炼金术士行会的关系后,维斯了解到自笑堂在禁忌仪式中使用了大量违禁药物,因此推断这些它们被用于将兽人转化为死灵。




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