Nhaza'a Jaab,ナザ・ア・ジャーブ
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种族 猫魅族护月之民

一切都是为了狂热…… 无法抑制的渴望,追求快乐的冲动! 醉倒在甜美的死亡之中……还有比这更棒的狂热吗?!

—— 纳扎·阿·嘉布


  • Nhaza'a Jaab is a dreaded sellsword of dark repute known as the Ebon Claw, he is the main antagonist of the Allied Beast Tribe final quests.
  • 纳扎·阿·嘉布(ナザ・ア・ジャーブ,Nhaza'a Jaab)作为一名令人畏惧的佣兵以“黑死奏者”[译注 1]的称号臭名远扬,他在六族同盟的最后任务中充当了主要的反派角色。
  • Nhaza'a is sadistic and cruel, often taunting and belittling his foes. He has no qualms about performing Memeriga's dirty work, and shows no remorse for complicating in the deaths of hundreds of innocent beastmen. His true desire is to find a worthy foe to match his strength.
  • 纳扎生性嗜虐残暴,经常嘲讽贬低他的敌人。他在为梅梅里加[译注 2]干脏活儿时毫无顾忌,且对造成数百名无辜蛮族死亡毫无悔意。他的真正愿望是找到一名配得上他力量的强力对手。



  • Nhaza'a Jaab is on a skiff with a captured Sahagin clutchling. Clutchfather Novv boards his ship intent on rescuing his son, but a diversion caused by the vessel striking rocks leaves Nhaza'a an opening to throw knives at Novv, who falls into the water.
  • 纳扎·阿·嘉布与一只被他俘获的鱼人族出现在了一艘小船上。诺布登上了他的船,想救出他的儿子,但由于船撞上了岩石导致的转向,给了纳扎一个机会将他的刀掷向诺布,使诺布跌入水中。
  • Later investigations of his activities in Outer La Noscea reveal he has access an airship, and a run-in with the Ehcatl Nine reveals he is flying a rare Garlond Ironworks Model 1569-II. This allows Nhaza'a to be traced to his employer in Ul'dah, Memeriga of the "Laughing Alchemists." The Sister of Ash Loonh Gah discovers he is staying at a room in the Platinum Mirage. Confronting him in his private room, Nhaza'a reveals Memeriga is preparing to raise an army of undead beastmen at the Invisible City in Eastern Thanalan.
  • 之后对其在拉诺西亚外地的调查揭示,他有驾驶飞艇的手段。而在与长风空力团[译注 3]的摩擦中揭示,他开着一艘罕见的“第六星历1569年式后期型”[译注 4]飞船。这让纳扎被查出他的雇主是位于乌尔达哈自笑堂[译注 5]的梅梅里加。灰党的璐恩·夏发现他待在白金幻象[译注 6]的房屋内。在与他在其私人房间内对峙时,纳扎透露梅梅里加正准备在东萨纳兰的消逝王都[译注 7]召集一只亡灵蛮族军队。
  • During the showdown, Nhaza'a Jaab confronts the leaders of the friendly beast-tribes atop the ruins. He deflects Novv's spear into the chasm with a sword swipe, and Hamujj Gah takes the initiative, using elder Frixio's wards to deflect his knives. With the sellsword caught off guard, Novv uses an Ixal blade to deliver an explosive strike against Nhaza'a, who feigns defeat and falls off the cliff. He appears on his airship, vowing revenge as he flees. Several kobold bombs are on board the ship, and he realizes too late as 789th Order Pickman Gi Gu detonates them, destroying the airship.
  • 在最后的决战中,纳扎·阿·嘉布与那些与人类关系友好的蛮族领袖们在废墟上展开了对峙。他挥剑将诺布的矛打落入深渊内,哈姆基·夏抢占先机,使用弗里克希奥的屏障来弹开纳扎掷出的飞刀。在佣兵猝不及防的情况下,诺布使用一柄鸟人族的剑向纳扎发起一阵猛攻,纳扎假装不敌,跌下悬崖。接着他现身于他的飞船上,一边逃亡,一边叫嚣着要向他们复仇。船上有几枚炸弹,在他发现之前,第789团采集员基古[译注 8]便引爆了这些炸弹,摧毁了这艘飞船。


  • Nhaza'a Jaab is hired by Kageyama to obtain a trio of mythical treasures known as the Three Wonders—a mermaid's flesh, the Jewel of Fair Souls, and the Philosopher's Fin—so that Kageyama might trade them for a noblewoman's hand in marriage. After stealing Tsukumo from the Kojin Kabuto, Nhaza'a retires to Kugane's hot springs to rest. There he finds the Ananta princess Alpa and, concluding that she is "close enough" to a mermaid, kidnaps her. With J'olhmyn, Kabuto, and the Warrior of Light in pursuit, Nhaza'a makes for the Dawn Throne in the Azim Steppe and kidnaps the Namazu Gyorei for her fins.
  • 纳扎·阿·嘉布受到景山(Kageyama)雇佣去获取被称作三种至宝(Three Wonders)的神秘宝藏——人鱼之肉、贤者之鳍和寄宿灵魂之宝玉(a mermaid's flesh, the Jewel of Fair Souls, and the Philosopher's Fin)——如此一来景山就能将它们交到黄金港一位名家的公主手中,作为与其成婚的筹码。在将付丧(Tsukumo)从武盔(Kojin Kabuto)那里偷走后,纳扎前往黄金港的温泉休息。在那里他发现了阿难陀族的公主阿露帕(Alpa),推断她“足够接近”人鱼之肉的要求后,便劫走了她。在嘉·奥尔敏、武盔和光之战士的追逐过程中,纳扎前往太阳神草原的晨曦王座(Dawn Throne),为了获得贤者之鳍而劫走了鱼丽。
  • Nhaza'a returns to Kageyama's ship in Kugane to deliver the "Three Wonders," but as he prepares to kill Alpa he is intercepted by J'olhmyn, the Warrior of Light, Kabuto, and several Namazu. Though he contemplates fighting, the arrival of the Sekiseigumi instead prompts he to flee in a small boat. He bails out after M'zhet Tia hurls a grenade into the boat and is dragged under by a shark. M'zhet later finds his mask floating in the water.
  • 纳扎返回景山在黄金港的船上前去交付“三种至宝”,但当他准备杀死阿露帕时被嘉·奥尔敏、光之战士、武盔和几只鲶鱼精族给截住了。尽管他苦思应战策略,最终却因赤诚组[译注 9]的到来而不得不驾着小船逃走。梅·赛特·提亚向他的小船掷出一枚手榴弹后,他被迫弃船逃生,却被一只鲨鱼拖下了水。梅·赛特之后发现了他浮在水上的面具。


061411.png伸向养育场的魔爪 061411.png侦破采矿地的案件 061411.png掠过实验场的船影 061411.png事件之灰洒向荒野 061411.png友谊地久天长 061411.png人鱼之肉 061411.png寄宿灵魂之宝玉 061411.png贤者之鳍 061411.png三种至宝


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