我,开国皇帝索鲁斯把这个国家发展壮大起来, 可不只是拿来观赏的。

—— 索鲁斯·佐斯·加尔乌斯

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性别 男性
种族 加雷马族
阵营 加雷马帝国


  • 索鲁斯·佐斯·加尔乌斯(ソル・ゾス・ガルヴァス Solus zos Galvus)加雷马帝国第一任皇帝,也是开国皇帝。



  • Solus zos Galvus was born in the year 1489 of the Sixth Astral Era to the esteemed House Galvus, a distinguished family of pure blood Garleans in the then-small Garlemald Republic. He joined the military at the age of sixteen, where he distinguished himself from the rank and file as a brilliant tactician and statesman and attained the rank of legatus by his twenty-fourth nameday in 1513.
  • 索鲁斯·佐斯·加尔乌斯于第六星历1489年出生在还是蕞尔小国的加雷马共和国,在一个高贵的、纯血统加雷马家族——加尔乌斯家族中长大。他16岁参军,凭借优秀的战术和政治头脑脱颖而出并,在1513年他的第24个命名日,索鲁斯获得了军团长的军衔。


  • Shortly after achieving the rank of legatus, Galvus learned of the newly-invented ceruleum engine, and saw great potential in it. He guided the development of magitek weapons, and devised tactics for these warmachina. Galvus saw them integrated into the army, and imbued the military with mechanical might.
  • 在获得军团长军衔后不久,索鲁斯了解到了新近发明的青磷水引擎,他立刻看出这其中蕴藏的巨大潜力。他积极参与到魔导兵器的研发领导工作之中,研究其战略战术。索鲁斯注视着这些机器成为加雷马军的一部分,将机械的力量注入加雷马。
  • At first, Galvus's innovations were viewed with skepticism. However, as neighboring nations began falling to Garlemald's warmachina, the people realized the wisdom in his decision. As if to avenge every wrong ever done to them, the Garleans invaded the countries of northern Ilsabard and annexed their lands. To expand its small army, Garlemald recruited the subjugated peoples, promising to better their lives with magitek in exchange for service. This cunning carrot-and-stick strategy made the republic greater and more powerful with every victory.
  • 起初并不是每个人都看好索鲁斯的新发明,但是随着邻国在加雷马的魔导机器下,一个接一个地倒下,人们方才意识到他的决策是多么明智。加雷马共和国如同报复一般入侵了伊尔萨巴德北境的每一个国家,将它们全部纳入疆土。为了扩张军队,加雷马开始征召降伏领土上的居民,用魔导技术带来的更好的生活换取他们的忠诚。这样一套萝卜加大棒的战略让加雷马共和国如滚雪球般愈发强大。
  • The Garleans' respect for Galvus grew, transforming into worship. In 1517, he was granted control of Garlemald as dictator by popular support. The same year, the republic attacked Dalmasca, a small country nestled in the central mountains, and rained down fire upon it with their new airships. The army turned to conquer the south of Ilsabard, conquering it in 1522. Having unified the continent through force, Galvus proclaimed himself emperor, and created the Garlean Empire.
  • 加雷马人对索鲁斯•佐斯•加尔乌斯的敬仰不断升温,最终变成了一种崇拜。在第六星历1517年,索鲁斯凭借民众的支持被委任为全权独裁官,而在同一年,加雷马共和国入侵了达尔马斯卡这个位于大陆中部山脉的小国,共和国的飞空艇将毁灭的烈火尽数倾泻于此。第六星历1522年,共和国军队最终攻占伊尔萨巴德大陆南境,至此整个大陆宣告统一。借此东风,索鲁斯·佐斯·加尔乌斯自封为皇帝,加雷马帝国基业已成。
  • In spite of Galvus's many successes and victories, it is difficult to characterize his life as happy: he was betrayed by those he had believed his closest friends, and lost his firstborn son to illness when the boy was still young.
  • 尽管加尔乌斯大帝一生常沐胜利荣光,但是他的人生不尽幸福:被至亲好友背叛,长子不幸夭折。
  • Galvus was not content with Ilsabard alone. Six years after becoming emperor, he set his gaze upon the eastern continent of Othard. With their warmachina at the fore, the imperial forces toppled all who dared stand before them. During this campaign Galvus laid eyes upon the ruin wrought by primals—an entire land utterly drained of life. This sight led him to issue an imperial mandate for the annihilation of the dread beings the Garleans dubbed "eikons," refusing to believe them of divine origin.
  • 加尔乌斯大帝不甘居于伊尔萨巴德大陆,在帝国建立六年后,他将目光投向东州奥萨德大陆。以魔导机械为先锋,胆敢抵抗者都在帝国军的铁蹄之下被碾碎。而在这场进军中,加尔乌斯大帝注意到一片被蛮神摧残的土地——这片土地已成焦土——他立刻意识到自己的使命就是彻底清除这些被加雷马人称为“蛮族”的渣滓,清洗他们不洁的信仰。
  • After a long and hard-fought resistance, the nation of Doma fell to Garlemald in 1552. Galvus having conquered the east, he turned his armies towards the west, plotted the invasion of Aldenard, and captured Ala Mhigo in 1557. However, this was to be the last victory for some time.
  • 在经过了漫长又艰难的抵抗之后,多玛第六星历1552年被加雷马帝国击败。随着帝国征服东方,加尔乌斯大帝引兵向西,染指西州阿尔迪纳德次大陆,在第六星历1557年,攻陷阿拉米格。但这之后,帝国鲜有胜绩。


  • Once Ala Mhigo had been assimilated into the empire both politically and economically, the XIVth Imperial Legion focused on hastening the progress of the Eorzean campaign. In 1562, the Imperial fleet accompanied by the mighty flagship Agrius forged its way into Mor Dhona to Silvertear Falls. The legion's armada encountered unexpected resistance from the Midgardsormr—forgotten guardian deity of the lake. The great dragon called out to his kin, who pitted themselves against the Garleans' fleet. The battle ended when Midgardsormr and the Agrius collided and plummeted to the land, compelling the legion to retreat from Mor Dhona.
  • 在阿拉米格从政治和经济上完全被整合入帝国之后,帝国第十四军团开始加紧攻略艾欧泽亚的步伐。
  • Eorzea's beast tribes began summoning their own "gods"—the primals—into the corporeal realm. As per the prior-established imperial mandate, these powerful creatures were deemed a threat to imperial rule and made a target of its armies.
  • The Garleans attempted communication with the lesser moon Dalamud under the guidance of the empire's principal engineer and grand minister of industry, Midas nan Garlond. Dubbed "Project Meteor," the operation's test was conducted in the imperial stronghold of Bozja Citadel using Allagan artifacts donated by House Darnus.
  • The project was proposed by nan Garlond after Emperor Galvus had tasked the engineer with finding a solution to the eikon threat. From records discovered within the artifacts, the grand minister gleaned that the armies of Allag had also exchanged blows with eikons, eventually conceiving a method to overcome the beings. Further research uncovered that the lesser moon Dalamud was not a natural celestial body, but rather an ancient satellite of Allagan manufacture. Nan garlond surmised that within the moon's metallic nacelle slumbered a great source of untapped energy—forgotten power which could transform the moon into a weapon of destruction if pulled down from the skies and unleashed upon Eorzea. The moon would serve as the empire's own "meteor."
  • Days after receiving the emperor's blessing, nan Garlond traveled to the Garlean city of Bozja to communicate with Dalamud. The immensity of the satellite's power was confirmed, but nearly five millennia-worth of amassed energy was directed by the moon to the citadel's makeshift transmission tower. The beam made the tower as well as the entire city evaporate. Efforts were made by the Imperial Censors to hide the event, but the vanishing of a major commercial center was too big a secret to suppress. News of the catastrophe spread across Hydaelyn and became known as the Bozja Incident.
  • The loss of Midas nan Garlond, the lunar transmitter, and the Allagan records stored at the Gozja Citadel seemingly sealed the fate of the Meteor Project. The emperor declared he had no interest in power of such an unpredictable nature and ordered the project to be dismantled.
  • During empire's decade-long stalemate with Eorzea, Emperor Galvus publicly recognized Legatus Nael van Darnus—also known as the White Raven—as a man of exceptional talent for his scores of crucial victories in the empire's eastern campaign. Despite being well past his eightieth nameday by the year 1572, the emperor's ambitions to unify the Three Great Continents under Garlean rule were as strong as ever. After amalgamating the political affairs of the occupied territories in Othard, he set his sights once again upon Aldenard and her vexing eikons. When the emperor declared the annihilation of the eikons as one of his administration's top priorities, van Darnus proposed ridding Eorzea of its false gods once and for all, using House Darnus's closely guarded knowledge of Allagan relics to succeed where others had failed.
  • After learning of his deployment to Eorzea, van Darnus appealed to the emperor regarding the merits of resurrecting Project Meteor, claiming he had discovered a means to control Dalamud. After enduring a decade-long stalemate on the Eorzean front, the aged emperor, impatient to solidify his legacy before his death, entertained the notion of a realm-wide "cleansing" of beastmen and their eikons and the second phase of Project Meteor was commenced.
  • In spite of repeated interference from the Grand Companies of Eorzea and adventurers, Project Meteor went along as planned, with the lesser moon beginning its descent into a direct collision course with Eorzea. With the denizens of Eorzea praying to their gods, Galvus's genocidal conquest of Aldenard seemed assured. The remnants of the VIIth Legion amassed at the plains of Carteneau, where Dalamud was expected to make landfall. Thanks to Gaius van Baelsar, legatus of the XIVth Imperial Legion, who disagreed with Project Meteor, the Eorzean Alliance learned of this.[10]
  • Eorzea was devastated by the machinations of the Garlean Empire, though not in the way that Galvus had expected: Dalamud shattered above the land to reveal the elder primal Bahamut. Although the land was devastated by both fragments of the lesser moon and Bahamut's rage, the primal was subjugated by the Archon Louisoix Leveilleur.[11]
  • Gaius van Belsar and his XIVth Legion used the the Eorzea's state of disarray to set up several outposts across the land in preparation for the future conquest of the severely weakened realm.


  • Five years after the Calamity, Solus zos Galvus remains the official ruler, though rumors spread that he is in frail health.His condition has caused political strife within the empire as to who will succeed him, leading to the official abandonment of the unified effort to conquer Eorzea. Gaius Van Baelsar, a general and Imperial Legatus in the Garlean Army, leads his legion to Eorzea without the formal support of the rest of the empire.
  • Not long after the beginning of the Seventh Astral Era, Galvus succumbs to an ailment at the age of eighty-eight. As Gaius is no longer present to oppose any challengers, a civil war breaks out in Garlemald over the succession to the throne.The conflict is resolved with Galvus's grandson, Varis, crowned the new emperor.


  • Near the end of Prelude to Violet, Solus makes a surprise return. After overhearing Elidibus' conversation with him, Solus reminds Varis that he doesn't make judgments but administers them without question, all the while sneering at him and reiterating his position as a mere figurehead, telling him that any threats to the balance of the Light and Dark are to be expunged. He reveals that he, as an Ascian, built the Garlean Empire for the sole purpose of creating chaos and ultimately invoke another Calamity. As he continues gloating, Varis immediately shoots him dead in anger, proclaiming that man is the master of their own destiny, though his attempt is scoffed off as Solus simply reappears to the side and ends their discussion