Gerolt Blackthorn,ゲロルト・ブラックソーン
种族 人族

—— 盖罗尔特


Muahahaha.... MUAHAHAHAHAHA! These gods-given hands've worked yet another miracle! Feast yer eyes on Thyrus, jus' as it was in days of yore! 'Tis a sight to move a man to tears... ye lucky bastard. Ye'd better bloody well take care of it!

—— Gerolt, after he successfully revived the Thyrus.


—— 盖罗尔特,成功令酒神杖复苏后

  • Gerolt Blackthorn is the legendary blacksmith of Eorzea, his workshop is located in the village of Hyrstmill North Shroud.
  • 盖罗尔特·布拉克索恩(ゲロルト・ブラックソーン,Gerolt Blackthorn)艾欧泽亚的传奇铁匠,他的工坊位于黑衣森林北部林区林场水车[译注 1]的小村子内。
  • The Adventurers need Gerolt's help in order to resurrect their Relic weapons in A Relic Reborn quest. He is also the creator of the Gerolt Masterworks, which can be refurbished by his apprentice Drake with appropriate Sands of Time or Oils of Time.
  • 为了使他们的上古武器在任务062406.png复苏的上古武器(酒神杖)中得到复苏,冒险者们需要盖罗尔特的帮助。他也是“盖罗尔特的杰作”的创造者,这些旧化物品可以用适当的060051.png亚拉戈时光沙060051.png亚拉戈时光油交给他的徒弟德雷克[译注 2]来翻新。
  • The furnace in his workshop will allow the players to upgrade their Relic weapons to Zenith. He will direct the player to Jalzahn when he shows up inquiring about Zodiac weapons.
  • 他工坊内的熔炉允许玩家们将他们的上古武器提升至天极[译注 3]。当他开始询问关于黄道武器时,他会将玩家指引到加尔赞[译注 4]那里。



  • Not much is known about Gerolt's early life, but when he was of age he became an apprentice to Heidolf, a well-renowned blacksmith in Ul'dah. His friend and fellow student was Remon. Both would eventually become legendary blacksmiths in their own right, and anything they created became highly coveted and valuable. Heidolf, as their master, became very wealthy as a result. Rowena would come to be a regular patron of theirs, where she would eventually fall in love with Gerolt (and he, her).
  • 我们关于盖罗尔特的早期生活了解的不多,只知道当他成年时,他成为了乌尔达哈著名铁匠Heidolf的徒弟。他的朋友兼与其共事的学徒名为雷蒙[译注 5]。两人最终都依靠自己的实力成为了传奇铁匠,他们所创造的任何物品都受人追捧、价值连城。Heidolf作为他们的师傅,因此变得非常富有。罗薇娜未来将会成为他们的常客,并最终与盖罗尔特坠入爱河。
  • Heidolf, in his greed, began selling inferior wares under both Gerolt's and Remon's name. Having a keen eye for Gerolt's craftsmanship, Rowena discovered the ruse and threatened to cut ties with Heidolf unless he desisted. As a result, he planned to have her assassinated in order to silence her. Gerolt begged Heidolf to reconsider, and when he did not, they came to blows where master tried to murder student instead. Gerolt survived the attempt on his life, and was forced to flee the city. Rowena, after she learned the truth of his exile, went after him. After no small amount of search, they eventually found each other again, and married.
  • Heidolf,出于贪婪,开始以盖罗尔特与雷蒙的名义出售劣质商品。罗薇娜对盖罗尔特的工艺有着敏锐的观察,她发现了这个诡计,威胁Heidolf,如果他不听劝,就和他断绝关系。结果,他计划通过暗杀她来使她闭嘴。盖罗尔特乞求Heidolf重新考虑一下,被他拒绝了,两人陷入互殴,师傅也转而尝试谋杀他的徒弟。盖罗尔特努力求生后,活了下来,被迫逃离这座城市。罗薇娜在得知他被流放的真相后,跟着他走了。经过不小的努力搜索,他们最终找到了彼此,并结了婚。
  • Their happiness didn't last long, as Gerolt was eventually sent a letter from Remon. In their absence, Remon had given up the hammer and became a black market dealer, where he discovered that Rowena had a sizable debt under her name. It turned out that after she resigned and went searching for Gerolt, she had stolen quite a sum of money from her employers and clients, thus endangering her life. Gerolt, in order to ensure her safety, pretended to need an exorbitant amount of money to open a new shop. Rowena lent this money to her beloved, who promptly disappeared with it. Although he took the money in order to repay her debt, he maintained the ruse that he had selfishly stolen it and then lost it all, to free her from any guilt.
  • 他们的幸福没能持续很久,盖罗尔特最终收到了一封来自雷蒙的信,在他们不在的时候,雷蒙收起了锤子,成为了一名黑市商人,在那里他发现罗薇娜名下有一大笔债务。原来,在她辞职前去寻找盖罗尔特之后,她从她的雇主与客户那里偷了一大笔钱,因此危及到了她的生命。盖罗尔特为了确保她的安全,假装需要一大笔钱去开一家新店。罗薇娜将这笔钱借给了她的爱人,而他很快就带着钱消失了。尽管他拿着钱是为了偿还她的债务,但他一直坚持(对外宣称)他自私地偷走了钱,接下来又弄丢了这些钱的策略,以使她远离犯罪的嫌疑。
  • By the time Rowena found him again, Gerolt was nothing more than a drunkard pounding away at kettles, his separation from Rowena and his time on the run taking its toll at last.
  • 罗薇娜再次发现他时,盖罗尔特已经不过是一名不离酒壶的醉汉了,他与罗薇娜的分离以及他花在逃亡上的时光最终还是让他付出了代价。


  • The adventurer is directed to visit Gerolt by Rowena, with a reminder of his debts as a means to coerce him to aiding in restoring Relics. A checklist of items and performance tests must be done to obtain a restored Relic.
  • 冒险者受到罗薇娜指引前去拜访盖罗尔特,提醒他通过帮助修复上古武器来作为偿还他债务的方式。为了获得修复后的上古武器,需要去完成一长串名单的项目和性能测试。
  • Further upgrades to the Relic are handled by Jalzahn, who arrived in Hyrstmill in hopes of meeting Gerolt. Though put off by Gerolt's attitude, he none the less is interested in trying restore the arms of the Zodiac Braves with the Relic(s). Eventually, when the results of Novus relic doesn't turn out as well as hoped, Gerolt is consulted on how to better hone the soul attunement. Following his advice, a soulglaze is used to properly attune the soul into the Nexus stage.
  • 关于上古武器更进一步地升级需要交给加尔赞完成,他带着与盖罗尔特见面的期许来到了林场水车。尽管被盖罗尔特的态度所阻,他对于用这些上古武器来恢复黄道勇士武器的兴趣丝毫未减。最终,当上古武器·新星[译注 6]没能达到预期的结果时,盖罗尔特会被请教关于如何更好地提升灵魂的安定度。遵循他的意见,一种绝灵釉被恰到好处地使用以安定灵魂使其进入镇魂[译注 7]阶段。
  • Once Jalzahn can't think of any further progress, Gerolt suggests recreating the vessels of the arms of the Zodiac Braves. Pooling together all their assets, with assistance from Rowena's employees, Guiding Star, and Mutamix Bubblypots, the adventurer undertakes a grand project to acquire the rare materials needed to rebuild the Zodiac Weapons. By merging the old Relic's materia form with the new vessel forged by Gerolt, a Zodiac Weapon is created.
  • 当加尔赞想不出进一步地发展时,盖罗尔特建议重铸黄道勇士武器的容器。在罗薇娜的雇员们、盖丁·斯塔[译注 8]以及缪塔米克斯[译注 9]的帮助下,冒险者集众人之力实施了一项庞大的计划来获取这些稀有的材料以重建黄道武器。通过将旧的上古武器的本体与盖罗尔特新锻造的容器相融合,一件黄道武器被打造出来了。
  • Sometime later, Gerolt's curiosity got the better of him and procured a rare tome from Rowena, the Book of Netherdark, an obscure book in the saga of the Zodiac Braves. Following data gleaned from the tome, they realized the Zodiac Weapon could be finalized by using Mahatma to grant the weapon a sense of sentience like the original arms. With the finishing touches, the Relic reaches the final Zeta stage. Jalzahn inquires about the book Gerolt obtained, having obtained it from Rowena when he "threatened to wed her again." It is revealed the book was written by Jalzahn's ancestor, Ulthalam. Reading a final word by him, Ulthalam was unable create the Zodiac Weapons in his time, and declares that any future artisan that fulfills his dream be named "Starforger." Gerolt and Jalzahn soon get into an argument over who is the true Starforger.
  • 一段时间过后,盖罗尔特的好奇心愈来愈盛,从罗薇娜那里弄来了一本罕见的古书《灵狱文书》[译注 10],这是一本记载着黄道勇士传奇却并未流传开来的书。根据从这本古书中收集到的数据,他们意识到黄道武器可以通过使用圣魂[译注 11]来赋予武器类似原初武器的知觉。完成这次修饰后,上古武器会到达最终的本我[译注 12]阶段。加尔赞向盖罗尔特询问有关他从罗薇娜那里获得的书的事——这本书当时是盖罗尔特威胁“和她重婚”而取来的。这本书被揭示是由加尔赞的祖先乌尔达拉姆[译注 13]所著。乌尔达拉姆的最后话语是他在自己所处的时代无法铸造黄道武器,宣布任何未来能实现他梦想的工匠都将被称作“黄道巨匠”[译注 14]。盖罗尔特与加尔赞不久就陷入了关于谁才是真正的黄道巨匠的争执。


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