种族 猫魅族
没法久留可真是可惜。 不过你可是达成了人们的夙愿的人, 说你是梅氏的骄傲可没毛病。


  • M'naago Rahz appears as a side character in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, and as a customer for custom deliveries. She is a leader in the Ala Mhigan Resistance and a friend of Meffrid and Lyse.
  • 梅·娜格(メ・ナーゴ M'naago)在“红莲之狂潮”中作为一个次要角色出场,并且是玩家可以交付收藏品老主顾之一。她是阿拉米格解放军的领导者之一,也是梅弗里德莉瑟的朋友。
  • M'naago is known for her bright personality and unrelenting candor, often bringing back her comrades from the brink of despair. Committed to her cause in the resistance M'naago is willing to help fight to free her people from imperial tyranny.
  • 梅·娜格以她鲜明的个性和毫不留情的坦率而闻名,经常把她的战友们从绝望的边缘拉回来。致力于她的抵抗事业,梅·娜格愿意帮助她的人民从帝国的暴政中解放出来。



  • M'naago always dreamed of fighting and at the age of fifteen she wanted to help fight in the resistance. Though her father insisted that she first master the hunter's path to not become a burden. Two years later her father allowed her to become a resistance soldier.
  • 梅·娜格一直梦想着参加战斗,15岁时就想在解放斗争中帮忙,尽管她的父亲坚持让她先掌握猎人之道,而不是成为一个负担。2年后,她的父亲允许她成为一名解放军的士兵。


  • Tasked with aiding Yda Hext and Papalymo Totolymo in crossing Baelsar's Wall, M'naago was doubtful that it was worth the sacrifice for two strangers. Meffrid reminded her that Yda, was Curtis Hext's daughter and that she also participated in Operation Archon that resulted in the death of Gaius van Baelsar.
  • 被委派援助伊达帕帕力莫穿越巴埃萨长城[译注 1]的任务时,梅·娜格怀疑为这2个陌生人的牺牲是否值得。梅弗里德提醒她,伊达是卡提斯的女儿,并且她还参加了导致盖乌斯死亡的061412.png贤者行军行动
  • After the two scions made it across the wall they recuperated at Rhalgr's Reach where they helped in any way they could. Over time M'naago considered them to be friends and comrades in arms.
  • 2位贤人成功跨越城墙后,于神拳痕处休息并尽他们所能提供帮助。随着时间推移,梅·娜格开始将他们视作朋友以及战斗时的战友。
  • After a successful mission with Yda, M'naago asked her if she would join the resistance, she denied at first but said that she had friends that would help her make things right in Ala Mhigo.
  • 在伊达成功完成任务后,梅·娜格询问她是否要加入解放军,她先是否认,转而又表示她有朋友能帮助她在阿拉米格做正确的事。
  • M'naago first encounters the Scions of the Seventh Dawn at the Rising Stones, wounded but bearing an urgent message: the Griffin and his masks plan on attacking Baelsar's Wall and drag the Eorzean Alliance into war with the empire. With the Scions working on preventing this threat, M'naago recuperates at the Rising Stones.
  • 梅·娜格第一次遇到拂晓是在石之家[译注 2],她负伤了但是带来一个紧急信息:铁面公卿和他的假面计划攻击巴埃萨长城并将艾欧泽亚同盟军拖入与帝国的战争中。当拂晓竭力阻止此次威胁时,梅·娜格在石之家内养伤。


  • Later on The Warrior of Light, Pipin, Alphinaud, and Alisaie are out on a scouting mission when the Reach is attacked, and M'naago along with others escape to warn them. With the Resistances morale crushed they believe there is no hope left until Alphinaud brings up the fact that Zenos yae Galvus is also head viceroy of Doma, and the Warrior of Light comes up with the idea to kindle a rebellion in Doma as well. Agreeing to continue the fight if the mission is successful, the resistance plans on rebuilding in the meantime.
  • 后来,在光之战士、皮平阿尔菲诺阿莉塞外出执行侦察任务时,神拳痕被攻击了,梅·娜格与其他人逃出去警告他们。随着解放军的士气被粉碎,他们认为已经没有希望了,直到阿尔菲诺提出芝诺斯也是多玛的总督,光之战士也因此想出了点燃多玛反抗之火的点子。解放军同意,如果这次拂晓的任务成功的话就继续战斗,同时他们也在计划着进行重建。
  • The news of the successful liberation of Doma reaches Eorzea and the alliance plans on taking advantage of Garlemald's confusion in a new operation. Participating in Rhalgr's Beacon M'naago played a crucial role in taking Castellum Velodyna: when there's an opening, fly to the top of the tower and glamour the garlean flag for the resistance one to trick the imperials into believing the bridge has fallen. After driving the imperials from the Fringes M'naago shows the Scions her village where an Ananta battlemaid meets up with them. The resistance goes on to claim the peaks as their new homebase and plan on taking the tower but as they're fighting, it is fired upon by Castrum Abania, wounding and killing many including Conrad. After taking the Lochs and the royal palace, M'naago sings the anthem of Ala Mhigo with members of the resistance signifying Ala Mhigo's liberation.
  • 多玛成功解放的消息传到了艾欧泽亚,同盟军们计划在新的行动中将帝国的混乱作为一项优势利用起来。在任务061412.png雷天军星中,梅·娜格在夺取威罗迪纳基地[译注 3]中扮演了关键性的角色:当出现一个开口时,她骑着狮鹫飞到塔顶,通过将那里的帝国军旗子替换为解放军的旗子,来作为一个诡计迷惑帝国人,使他们相信这座大桥已经被攻克。在将帝国军赶出边区后,梅·娜格向拂晓一行人展示了她的村子,在那里一名阿难陀族女战士和他们见面了。解放军接着宣称将山区作为他们的新基地,并计划占领御制监望塔。但当他们战斗时,这座塔被帝国白山堡[译注 4]开火击中了,击伤并击杀了包括康拉德在内的许多人。在占领湖区以及皇宫后,梅·娜格和她解放军的伙伴们一起欢唱阿拉米格的国歌,象征着阿拉米格已经得到解放。


  • M'naago appears as a custom delivery client after the events of Stormblood, it is her goal to help the citizens rebuild their lives after the nations liberation.
  • 在“红莲之狂潮”的事件过去后,梅·娜格作为一名老主顾出现,她的目标是在这个国家解放后,帮助平民们重新开始他们的生活。


红莲之狂潮主线任务: 请参考东方地区故事线(从61级061412.png诉说多玛的人至67级061412.png离别和归来)之外的任务
解放战争战后主线任务061412.png复仇与正义 061412.png英雄归来 061412.png千里急报 061412.png月下芳华
老主顾061419.png梅·娜格的老主顾 061419.png遗留之人



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