Godbert Manderville,ゴッドベルト・マンダヴィル
Godbert Manderville.png
种族 人族
关系者 妻子:茱莉安·曼德维尔

—— 戈德伯特·曼德维尔


  • Godbert Manderville is a master goldsmith, he had recently acquired a seat on this Syndicate. He is the father of Hildibrand Manderville and husband to Julyan Manderville.
  • 戈德伯特·曼德维尔(ゴッドベルト・マンダヴィル,Godbert Manderville)是一位大师级雕金匠,他最近在沙蝎众[译注 1]获得了一个席位。他是希尔迪布兰德的父亲以及茱莉安·曼德维尔的丈夫。
  • Godbert is first seen in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn at Camp Bronze Lake as a tourist resting in the hot springs. He features in several sidequests where players may assist him—up to and including rubbing salamander oil over his skin—and giving them a Meteor Survivor Ring in gratitude.
  • 戈德伯特第一次在重生之境中出现,是作为一名旅客在石绿湖营地[译注 2]的温泉中休息。他在几个支线任务中扮演了重要角色,玩家可以帮助他——直到在他的皮肤上涂满蝾螈油为止——他会赠予你一枚陨石幸存者指环[译注 3]以示感谢。


  • Godbert's services are needed to repair a priceless antique vase, and he is revealed to be both Hildibrand's father and a member of the Syndicate. Having been seen in Northern Thanalan where he defeated a chimera, Godbert is drawn out when Hildibrand teaches the adventurer to perform the Manderville dance. Godbert's first reaction upon seeing his son after years is to suplex him into the ground for not informing the family of his survival. Godbert agrees to repair the vase, and refurbishes it into an even fancier vase, indignant when the vase's owner points out the vase no longer resembles its original form.
  • 戈德伯特的工作是修复一个无价的古董花瓶,他被揭露不仅是希尔迪布兰德的父亲,还是沙蝎众的一员。当希尔迪布兰德在北萨纳兰传授冒险者绅士之舞时,戈德伯特被看到击败了一头奇美拉。戈德伯特经过数年第一眼看到儿子时的反应是将其击倒在地,由于他不向家人通告自己还活着的消息。戈德伯特同意修复这个花瓶,并把它重新装饰成一个更漂亮的花瓶。当花瓶的主人指出这个花瓶已经不像原来的样子时,他显得愤愤不平。
  • Godbert crosses paths with his son during the events at Master Fygreis's Coliseum, taking out a chimera and then chasing after Ultros when he attempts to sneak away. Godbert comes to Hildibrand's aid when the thief appears to be about to steal what is later revealed to be a replica of the Ring of Inquiry, but ends up throwing his son out of the coliseum. When they learn the thief is making for the last item at the Manderville Gold Saucer, Godbert offers his aid but suffers the wrath of his wife Julyan.
  • 菲厄盖斯的斗技场内,戈德伯特与他的儿子相遇了。当奥尔特罗斯尝试逃跑时,他拿出了一头奇美拉并在奥尔特罗斯后面追着他。当窃贼出现,将要偷走太阳神戒指[译注 4](后来被揭示是其复制品)时,戈德伯特赶来支援希尔迪布兰德,却以将他的儿子扔出了斗技场而告终。当他们得知窃贼正在寻找位于金碟游乐场的最后一件物品时,戈德伯特伸出了援手,却遭受到了来自妻子茱莉安的怒火。
  • Godbert makes a quick cameo in the 2014 Starlight Celebration seasonal event quest and assists the adventurer in repairing (or rather, craft anew) a boy's broken memento of his father. The boy recognizes the craftmanship of an highly skilled goldsmith whose works he had seen in his father's books, but fails to recognize its origin and believes it instead to come from the Saint of Nymeia (who Godbert was disguised as).
  • 戈德伯特在2014年的星光节季节任务中客串演出,协助冒险者修复(或者更准确地说,重制)一个男孩打碎了的、对他父亲的纪念品。男孩看出了这出自一位技巧高超的雕金匠之手,他曾在他父亲的书中看到过他的作品。但他没有看出它的来源,反而认为它来自圣人妮美雅(其实是戈德伯特扮成的)。
  • Godbert reappears in Ishgard, conversing with Count Edmond de Fortemps. He is accused of heresy by Cyr Blyme, but quickly recants the accusation when he realizes he might have to fight it physically, recalling an earlier incident involving the Warrior of Light. Learning that Nashu was searching for Hildebrand, Godbert joins the search for his ever wayward son due to the fact that he wasn't keeping in touch. Finding Hildebrand half-buried in snow in the Coerthas Western Highlands, he performs the Meteor Dive Limit Break to wake him up, only to bury him deeper. He's able to pull Hildebrand out a second time, pulling out the mannikin Gigi in the process.
  • 戈德伯特在伊修加德重新出现,与埃德蒙·德·福尔唐对话。他被齐尔[译注 5]指控为异端者,但当齐尔意识到也许要进行身体上的对抗时,很快就撤回了指控,回忆起先前光之战士牵扯到的一次事件。得知娜修正在搜寻希尔迪布兰德,戈德伯特由于没有与他保持联系的现实,加入了搜寻他那任性儿子的队伍。在库尔札斯西部高地发现希尔迪布兰德半截埋在雪中后,他使出了极限技“陨石冲击”将其唤醒,却把他埋得更深了。第二次他可以把希尔迪布兰德拉出来了,在这个过程中连带着把魔法人偶吉吉也拉出来了。
  • Godbert runs across Gigi again after he returns to the Western Highlands in search of the goldsmith, him and Julyan throwing snowballs at each other (and accidentally killing some of the wildlife in the process). Gigi asks Godbert to make him into a real boy, leading to the crafter to turn him into a large, musclebound specimen. He proceeds to use his strength to clothesline Hildebrand in affection before his mysterious powers reset him back to normal. After Hildebrand tells Godbert that he adopted Gigi, he is overthrilled at being a grandfather, but the two must run for their lives when Julyan expresses her displeasure by seemingly summoning demonic powers and causing her trademark pan to grow many times its size.
  • 在吉吉返回西部高地寻找雕金匠时,戈德伯特与他相见了。戈德伯特正与茱莉安互相朝对方扔雪球(在这个过程中意外杀死了一些野生动物)。吉吉请求戈德伯特将其变成一名实体的男孩子,却导致这名工匠将其转变成一个肌肉大块头样本。在吉吉的神秘力量将其重置为正常情况之前,出于喜爱,吉吉持续用他的力量拦截着希尔迪布兰德。在希尔迪布兰德告诉戈德伯特他将吉吉收为养子后,他为能成为一名祖父而兴奋不已。但当茱莉安唤出恶魔之力并将她那标志性的巨化平底锅掷向他们以表达内心的不悦时,2人为了保命必须逃走。
  • Godbert appears one last time in Anyx Trine, joining the other heroes in rescuing Gigi from the Grand Sers, who seek to kill Hraesvelgr with their renewed strength. He prevents Julyan from interferring and bears witness to Gigi's true power, causing him to comedically lose his clothes again. When Cyr expresses displeasure at the fact he can never return to Ishgard due to looking up heretical tomes in search of Gigi's origins, Godbert offers to hire him, making him caretaker of Hildebrand's gazebo in Idyllshire.
  • 戈德伯特最后一次出现是在不洁三塔[译注 6],加入其它英雄们一起将吉吉从苍雄骑士团[译注 7]手中拯救出来,他们正试图用他们新获得的力量去杀死赫拉斯瓦尔格。他阻止了茱莉安的干涉,并见证了吉吉真正的力量,使他又一次充满喜感地失去了他的衣服。齐尔颇为不满地表示,自己由于在寻找吉吉根源的过程中,因翻看异教书籍而不能返回伊修加德。戈德伯特提出雇佣他作为希尔迪布兰德在田园郡露台的看守者。


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