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种族 加雷马族
阵营 加雷马帝国


  • 尼禄·托尔·斯卡艾瓦(ネロ・トル・スカエウァ Nero tol Scaeva)加雷马帝国第十四军团的军团次长[暂]
  • While he can put on a polite, cultured air for superiors and soldiers alike, Nero is a coldblooded leader who shows little mercy to his subordinates for even the smallest infractions. A schemer and a social climber, Nero resents Cid for outdoing him in magitek engineering and for being Gaius's former favored subordinate, whose shadow Nero feels he can never escape. When Cid betrayed the empire Nero felt he would finally have his chance to outshine him. To his dismay he finds that Cid's betrayal only elevated his legendary status in the minds of the Garlean people.
  • 尼禄是一个冷血的领导者,不会宽恕下属的任何违规,但同时他对无论上下级都能以礼貌和教养应对。作为一个阴谋家和渴望地位攀升的人,尼禄对在魔导工程上超过自己并成为盖乌斯当时最赏识下属的西德心怀嫉愤,觉得自己无法摆脱西德的光芒。当西德背叛帝国时,尼禄觉得自己终于找到了机会超过西德,却沮丧的发现西德的背叛反而在加雷马人的心中留下了更传奇的形象。



  • Nero joins Gaius Van Baelsar's new campaign to continue the subjugation of Eorzea in the aftermath of the Seventh Umbral Era. He leads the legion's main intelligence branch, the Frumentarium, and minutes after his arrival at Castrum Occidens he roots out a spy among the ranks and slays him in cold blood.
  • 尼禄加入了盖乌斯·范·巴埃萨继续征服第七灵灾后的艾欧泽亚的新作战。他领导军团的主要谍报机关——帕拉美奇亚,并在抵达帝国西方堡的数分钟后就从中追索出了一名间谍无情处死。

Nero spies on the Warrior of Light whom he witnesses slaying Ifrit. When confronted by Livia Sas Junius for straying from his assigned objective, she warns him she will kill him herself if he fails. Nero again spies on the Warrior after their triumph over Titan, discussing the XIVth's dealings with Lahabrea. Rhitahtyn Sas Arvina joins him after Lahabrea leaves, and he denounces Nero for being so willing to trust the Ascian. He warns Nero that his loyalty should be to Garlemald first.


Gaius meets with his subordinates after the Ultima Weapon absorbs the active primals; Gaius tasks Nero with finishing the final touches on it.


Later, he is encountered in the Praetorium. Seething in rage, Nero declares he will earn the respect he feels he deserves by defeating the Warrior of Light's party, and proclaims he will finally prove himself as Cid's better. The Warrior and their friends defeat him and Nero flees, the only Garlean general to survive a confrontation with the Warrior of Light.



  • Now living in exile from his homeland, Nero bides his time before learning of the Crystal Tower. After the Warrior of Light and NOAH complete the Labyrinth of the Ancients, Nero investigates the tower premises and finds a power source atop that is possibly stronger than the heart of the Ultima Weapon. Once the entrance to Syrcus Tower is open, intending to have Cid's group and the Warrior of Light do the heavy lifting, Nero joins NOAH in their expedition while revealing the true identities of Doga and Unei. Nero's plan falls apart when the Cloud of Darkness spirits him into the World of Darkness when he attempts to save Unei so he can use her to control the entity.
  • 背井离乡的尼禄将全部时间都花在了关于水晶塔的研究上。在光战和诺亚调查团通过了古代人迷宫后,尼禄调查了水晶塔及周边并发现了一种可能比究极神兵的核心(译者注:黑蛇圣石)还要强大的能量源在其上。希尔科斯塔的入口开启后,希望通过西德团队和光之战士完成这项繁重任务的尼禄加入了诺亚调查团的计划,并指出了多加和乌内的真实身份。尼禄的计划在被暗黑之云吸入暗之世界的他试图救下乌内以便借之控制这个实体时就崩溃了。
  • Ending up in the Realm of Darkness, Nero absorbs the void-ridden atmosphere while fending off the voidsent that the Cloud of Darkness sent to kill Doga and Unei in its stead. After being found by the Warrior of Light and G'raha Tia, Nero accompanies them on their run back to Eorzea. Though weakened as the portal closes, Nero is purified by Doga and Unei as he returns to Eorzea with Cid's help.
  • 结果在暗之世界里,尼禄在用身体挡住暗黑之云派去消灭多加和乌内的妖异时吸收了虚无之力充盈的空气。以至于在被光之战士和古·拉哈·提亚找到后,尼禄和他们一起向艾欧泽亚返回。尼禄被多加和乌内所感动,虚弱的他在逐渐关闭的传送门前被西德所救回到了艾欧泽亚。
  • Although he disappears from the group shortly after their escape from the tower, Cid believes Nero won't be causing any further trouble for the time being. Nero discards his remaining piece of Garlean technology and declares a new day has dawned for him.
  • 虽然尼禄在一行人逃出水晶塔后就消失了,西德仍然相信尼禄现在不会再惹更多的麻烦了。尼禄抛弃了留下的加雷马科技,重新开始。


  • Nero searches the Carteneau Flats for the still-dormant Omega, remarking that "we are going to have so much fun together."
  • 尼禄在加尔提诺平原搜寻仍在休眠的欧米茄,并表示『我们来一起找点乐子吧』。
  • In the events of The Far Edge of Fate, Nero assists the Warrior of Light in defeating the primal Shinryu by resurrecting Omega from beneath the Carteneau Flats. His intentions are never made clear and both Omega and Shinryu's ultimate fate is unknown as the pair are flung east into Ala Mhigan lands.
  • 在命运的止境的事件当中,尼禄在加尔提诺平原下方激活了欧米茄,帮助光之战士击败了蛮神,神龙。尼禄此举的目的没有被弄清,神龙和欧米茄双双坠入东方的阿拉米格领土,命途未知。


  • During the course of Cid's investigation of the whereabouts of Omega, Nero is hired by Jessie to be part of the team, much to Cid's consternation. Nero journeys into a portal that leads to the Interdimensional Rift alongside Cid, Biggs, Wedge, and the Warrior of Light where they are subjected to tests by Omega. After passing the initial trials, he sets up a base inside the rift with Cid. He provides support to the Warrior of Light as they face Omega's challenges, including giving them a gravitational device needed to face the monster known as Catastrophe. When Biggs and Wedge are nearly killed Nero helps Cid take them to the Conjurer's Guild to be healed. He chastises Cid, who is guilt-ridden for his role in reviving Omega, for losing sight of his role as a scientist.
  • 在西德搜寻欧米茄下落的期间,尼禄被杰西雇佣,在西德惊愕中成为了队伍的一员。尼禄和西德、比格斯、魏吉及光之战士一起闯入了进入次元狭缝的传送门,并将在这里接受欧米茄的测试。在通过了初步测试后,他和西德一起建立的狭缝中的据点,在面对欧米茄的挑战时为光之战士提供支援,包括提供给他们面对被称为灾变者的怪物时需要的反重力装置等。当比格斯和魏吉面临生命危险时,尼禄帮助西德将他们送到了幻术师行会治疗。他训斥西德因为参与唤醒了欧米茄而忽视了自己作为科学家的身份


  • When Omega is ready to continue its trials, Nero re-enters the Rift with the rest of the team. He reveals an upgraded version of his old armor and gunhammer, which he uses to fight alongside Cid and the Warrior of Light against a number of Omega's creations. Once the group reaches the Sigmascape, the location of their next series of tests, he sets up base with Cid to give support to the Warrior of Light. When Nero is temporarily left alone inside the Rift, he is badly wounded by Omega. He hides his injuries until after they defeat Kefka, whereupon he collapses and is taken to be treated.
  • 当欧米茄准备继续他的测试,尼禄和剩下的团队成员回到了时空狭缝。他在和光之战士与西德一起对抗欧米茄创造的复数敌人中使用了自己装甲和枪锤的升级版。当一行人到达下一系列测试的地点,西格玛幻境时,他再次和西德一起建立基地为光之战士提供支援。当尼禄暂时单独停留在狭缝期间,欧米茄重伤了尼禄。但尼禄隐瞒了伤势专心攻克凯夫卡,直到结束测试后才支撑不住接受治疗。
  • Though he is still too injured to join the team in the Rift, he is able to leave his bed in order to talk to Cid while the latter is preparing for the final battle against Omega. This discussion allows Cid to overcome his reluctance of using technology developed by his father during the fight. Later, after Omega has been defeated, Cid goes to the infirmary to check on Nero, only to find that he has already left after taking a large amount of gil from Cid's account as payment for his work.
  • 尽管他的伤势严重不胜时空狭缝中的后续工作,但他在西德准备和欧米茄的最后决战时仍能下床和西德探讨。这场讨论让西德克服了他对在战斗中使用父亲所发明的技术的抵触。在欧米茄被击败后,西德医务室探望尼禄才发现尼禄已经离开,还在西德的账户中拿走了一大笔gil作为工作报酬。