种族 龙族

—— 尘世幻龙


  • Midgardsormr is a legendary king of kings, Midgardsormr fathered the First Brood, the first dragons in Hydaelyn. Also known as a guardian deity in Silvertear Falls, he led the Dravanian Horde to battle against the Garlean Empire's airship fleet in the Battle of Silvertear Skies, an event that put the dragon in a slumber for 20 years.
  • 尘世幻龙(ミドガルズオルム Midgardsormr)是传说中的众龙之祖,他是海德林第一批龙族——七大天龙的父亲。他以银泪湖瀑布的守护神之名为人知晓。在银泪湖空战中,他领导着龙族与加雷马帝国的飞艇舰队战斗,这次事件令这头龙沉眠了20年。
  • He was seen during the opening CG of the original release (Version 1.0). This footage is reused during a flashback narration from Gaius van Baelsar in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Midgardsormr becomes more directly involved in the first expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, and remains an important ally throughout the second expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.
  • 尘世幻龙曾于遗留之境(1.0)的开场CG中露面。这个画面在重生之境盖乌斯的倒叙过程中被再次使用了。尘世幻龙在第一个扩展版本苍穹之禁城里会更直接地参与剧情,并在接下来的整个红莲之狂潮版本里都将作为一名重要的盟友。



  • Being caught in an interplanetary war between Dragonstar and Omega's home world, the two fought, with neither able to defeat the other. Midgardsormr fled from Dragonstar after its destruction with the First Brood's eggs, eventually landing on Hydaelyn, where he made a pact with the mothercrystal and sired his seven children, reviving the dragon race in Hydaelyn with Omega on pursuit. The long journey weakened Midgardsormr.
  • 龙之星与欧米茄原来所处的世界之间曾爆发了一场星际战争,未分胜负,尘世幻龙在此战中被捕获。尘世幻龙在龙之星毁灭后,带着七大天龙的卵逃走。在欧米茄的追逐下,他最终在海德林登陆,与母水晶达成了协议,在海德林繁衍了他的七个孩子,复兴了龙族。这次长途旅行削弱了尘世幻龙的实力。


It has been fifteen years, but the bitter taste of defeat lingers still... Fifteen years since the Imperial fleet set course for Mor Dhona, led by the Agrius, mightiest of vessels. Silvertear Lake lay ripe for the taking, and all of Eorzea would soon be ours......or so we believed. But an innumerable host of dragons met us that day, at the heart of which flew the great Midgardsormr. Though we succeeded in slaying that lord among wyrms, the dread serpent's defeat was bought at too high a cost. Our invincible flagship was lost, and with it all hope of victory with her. So ended our glorious conquest.

—— Gaius van Baelsar, reflecting on the Battle of Silvertear Skies


—— 盖乌斯,追忆银泪湖空战时

  • Some say Midgardsormr came into being around the time Silvertear Falls were created and was charged by Althyk and Nymeia of the Twelve to oversee the waters and magic. Upon his arrival to Hydaelyn Midgardsormr brought with him seven eggs from which the First Brood hatched. His children parted ways, Bahamut and Tiamat making home to Meracydia while Hraesvelgr, Nidhogg and Ratatoskr took residence in Eorzea. At some point Midgardsormr entered a deep slumber under Silvertear Falls.
  • 有人说,尘世幻龙大约是在银泪湖瀑布形成时诞生的。他由十二神中的阿尔基克和妮美雅监控,来看管水与魔法。在他到达海德林时,还带着即将孵化出七大天龙的七枚卵。他的孩子们走上了不同的道路,巴哈姆特提亚马特美拉西迪亚大陆安家,赫拉斯瓦尔格尼德霍格拉塔托斯克则定居在艾欧泽亚。在某个时间点上,尘世幻龙于银泪湖瀑布下陷入了沉眠。
  • In the year 1562 of the Sixth Astral Era, Gaius van Baelsar mobilized the airship fleet of the XIVth Imperial Legion to seize Mor Dhona as part of his initial campaign to conquer Eorzea. This stirred the Wyrmking from his quiescence beneath the lake of Silvertear Falls and called forth the Dravanian Horde to repel the invaders. As he entwined around the Agrius to cripple the flagship, ceruleum tanks inside the vessel exploded, killing Midgardsormr. The explosion released a seal holding immense stores of aether beneath the lake, draining it from the area, transforming Silvertear Falls from a pristine landscape lush with freshwater and vegetation to a near barren wasteland, hosting a manner of terrible beasts drawn to the corruption.
  • 第六星历的1562年间,盖乌斯动员了帝国第十四军团的舰队,志在拿下摩杜纳,作为他征服艾欧泽亚运动的起始点。这次行动惊醒了银泪湖下沉眠的巨龙,并召集起龙族开展了反抗。尘世幻龙缠住了阿格里俄斯号[译注 1],致使这艘旗舰毁坏,而飞船的青磷水箱也因此发生爆炸,并杀死了尘世幻龙。这次爆炸将湖底储存的巨量以太从密封状态释放出来,排空了这片区域的水,将银泪湖瀑布从一处富集淡水与植被的原始景观,变为了一处几近荒芜的废土,而这腐化的大地吸引了一群可怕的野兽。
  • For the next fifteen years Midgardsormr's corpse remains entwined with the wreckage of the Agrius in Lake Silvertear, a landmark known as the Keeper of the Lake.
  • 在接下来的十五年里,尘世幻龙的尸体都在银泪湖中,保持着与阿格里俄斯号纠缠在一起的姿态,成为了密约之塔[译注 2]的一处景观。


  • As the Calamity and the Seventh Umbral Era came to pass, the Keeper remains a silent testimony to the Battle of Silvertear Skies. Five years after Dalamud's fall, Ishgard's Astrologians begin to see portents in the heavens: the dragon star flared, considered an omen of Midgardsormr's resurrection. This prompts Ser Aymeric de Borel of Ishgard's Temple Knights to begin negotiations with the Scions of the Seventh Dawn to request the Keeper of the Lake be monitored.
  • 当灵灾过后,密约之塔成为了银泪湖空战中无声的见证者。在卫月[译注 3]坠落5年后,伊修加德的占星学家们在天空中看到了异常星象:龙之星在闪烁,这被认为是尘世幻龙归来的征兆。
  • When word of a dragon's roar spreads, Aymeric's lieutenant Lucia goe Junius requests that the site be investigated. With the aid of Doman surveyors the Warrior of Light takes a boat out to the wreckage, fighting through lake creatures, dragons, and imperial troops from Castrum Centri to reach the top of the Agrius. As they approach the head of the Wyrmking, Midgardsormr's spirit awakens and attacks the party.
  • 当龙吼的消息传来时,艾默里克的副官露琪亚认为密约之塔应该被调查一下。在多玛调查团成员的协助下,光之战士驾着一艘船驶向残骸。为了到达阿格里俄斯号的顶部,光之战士与湖中的生物、龙以及来自帝国中央堡[译注 4]的帝国军间发生了战斗。当靠近这龙群之首的头部时,尘世幻龙的意识苏醒了,并向这只队伍展开了攻击。
  • Once the spectral dragon is defeated, Midgardsormr gives the Warrior of Light reprieve to state the purpose of coming to his resting place. Midgardsormr was awoken by the roar of one of his seven children, Nidhogg, who wages war with the Dravanian Horde on the people of Ishgard. Upon seeing the Warrior was chosen by Hydaelyn, Midgardsormr dispels the Blessing of Light by dimming the six elemental crystals. Midgardsormr binds himself to the adventurer to create a new covenant to observe his or her right to be Warrior of Light. Taking the form of a diminutive dragonet, regaining his former appearance in time, Midgardsormr declares his intent to "watch...listen...and wait." While the exact relationship between Midgardsormr and Hydaelyn is unknown, he intends to test her champion's worth.
  • 当幻龙被击败后,他便让光之战士得以喘息,以陈述他们来到他长眠之地的目的。尘世幻龙被他七个孩子中的尼德霍格唤醒,意在为了在龙族中挑起对伊修加德人民的战争。当他看到光之战士是被海德林所选中之人时,尘世幻龙调暗了其他6块元素水晶的亮度,驱散了光之加护。尘世幻龙将自己与冒险者绑定,创建了一份新的契约以观察他/她是否有资格成为光之战士。尘世幻龙选择了一种迷你的小龙作为分身,复制了其曾经的外观。他宣称他的意图是“倾听...感受...思考”。由于尘世幻龙与海德林之间确切的关系还未明晰,他决定测试这位海德林的使徒的价值。


  • During her conversation with the Warrior of Light, Midgardsormr appears before Ysayle Dangoulain, much to her surprise. He explains that while their goals are the same, their paths are different, and reveals she, too, possesses the echo, to which she admits. Midgardsormr appears after one of the crystals regains its light, surprised the adventurer may be regaining the Blessing of Light.
  • 伊塞勒与光之战士对话的过程中,尘世幻龙出现在了伊塞勒面前,令她大为惊讶。他解释说,尽管他们的目的相同,但方式却不一样。他还透露,伊塞勒也拥有超越之力,这一点被伊塞勒承认了。当水晶再次获得它的光之后,尘世幻龙出现了,对冒险可能又一次获得了光之加护感到惊讶。
  • After arriving at Azys Lla, Midgardsormr directs the Warrior of Light to see his imprisoned daughter Tiamat. The Warrior learns the Ascians were responsible for both the creation and imprisonment of the Elder Primal created in Bahamut's image, and that the Allagans sealed many other ancient primals. Midgardsormr senses that the adventurer has regained Blessing of Light after speaking with Tiamat, offering to aid the hero by taking them to the Aetherochemical Research Facility.
  • 在抵达魔大陆之后,尘世幻龙指引光之战士与他被监禁的女儿提亚马特见面。光之战士得知,无影凭借巴哈姆特的形象创造出了古代蛮神,他们对这个蛮神的创建和监禁都负有责任;另外还知道了亚拉戈人封印了许多其他蛮神。尘世幻龙感知到冒险者在与提亚马特对话后重获了光之加护,便载着这名英雄,助其飞向魔科学研究所[译注 5]
  • After King Thordan has fallen, Midgardsormr witnesses Estinien Wyrmblood's body being taken over by the spirit of Nidhogg, watching his offspring fly off with profound sadness. Midgardsormr takes the Warrior of Light to Ishgard, seeing Aymeric de Borel's resolve for peace between their races while warning the Ishgardians that Nidhogg has consumed Estinien and will prepare a renewed conflict with those loyal to his wayward spawn. Vowing to remember Aymeric's vow, Midgardsormr flies off.
  • 在托尔丹王陨落后,尘世幻龙目睹了埃斯蒂尼安的身体被尼德霍格的灵魂占据,看着他的后代带着深深的悲伤飞走了。尘世幻龙载着光之战士抵达伊修加德,在见证了艾默里克解决两族之间和平问题的决心后,他警告伊修加德人,尼德霍格已经吞噬了埃斯蒂尼安,并将带着那些效忠于他的龙制造一场新的争端。尘世幻龙在发誓记住艾默里克的誓言后,便飞走了。
  • As Nidhogg's shade prepares his Final Chorus to destroy Ishgard, Aymeric, Alphinaud Leveilleur, and the Warrior of Light plead with Hraesvelgr to aid them against his broodbrother. Midgardsormr begins to reason with Hraesvelgr, who relents and arranges a trial for the three to prove their worth.
  • 当尼德霍格之影准备着终结龙诗以毁灭伊修加德时,艾默里克、阿尔菲诺与光之战士恳求赫拉斯瓦尔格援助他们对抗他的兄弟。尘世幻龙便与赫拉斯瓦尔格诉清原委缓和了气氛,圣龙为三人安排了一场试炼以证明他们的价值。


  • Midgardsormr reawakens as the Warrior of Light is aiding Garlond Ironworks investigate Omega's whereabouts. Midgardsormr is linked by fate to Omega, who likewise originates from another star. Midgardsormr converses with a chocobo-like entity called Alpha, who escaped from the mysterious portal being pursued by a ghostly serpent. He further explains that the portal leads to the Interdimensional Rift.
  • 当光之战士协助加隆德炼铁厂调查欧米茄的下落时,尘世幻龙再次苏醒了。尘世幻龙与欧米茄被宿命联结在一起,一如他们都不起源于这座星球。尘世幻龙与一只与陆行鸟十分相似的实体“阿尔法”进行了交谈,它被一只若隐若现的巨蛇追赶着从神秘的传送门内逃了出来。并进一步解释,这扇神秘的门通向时空狭缝[译注 6]
  • At the end of the Sigmascape, Omega, confused and agitated by the Warrior of Light's defiant strength, tries to determine their potential by imprisoning them in a seal, threatening to kill them if they do not break free. Midgardsormr draws upon his own power to temporarily assume his elder form and crush the prison, freeing the Warrior of Light. He warns Omega that if it wishes to see the adventurer's true power, it must do so by staying on its course and study the results of its tests. His energy spent, Midgardsormr dissipates as he returns to his sleep to recover.
  • 在西格玛幻境结束后,欧米茄感到十分困惑并由于光之战士的夺目力量而感到焦虑不安。它尝试通过将他们监禁在一个密封处内以确认他们的潜能,并威胁道如果不能打破束缚就杀了他们。尘世幻龙短暂地使用了自身的力量以现出其成年形态,并毁坏了牢笼,释放了光之战士。他警告欧米茄,如果想见证冒险者真正的力量,就好好待在一边,研究测试的结果。尘世幻龙耗尽能量后便消散并重归睡眠以恢复力量。
  • After the Warrior of Light defeats Chaos in Alphascape, Omega reveals the history between it and Midgardsormr as it recreates the past version of the dragon from its memories, when he was still at the peak of his power.
  • 在光之战士击败阿尔法幻境的卡奥斯后,欧米茄透露了它与尘世幻龙之间的过去,并重新创造了它记忆中的尘世幻龙,那时他正处于力量的顶峰。


  • The name hails from Norse mythology, in which Midgardsormr (Old Norse: Miðgarðsormr; also known as the World Serpent or Jörmungandr) was the middle child of Loki and a giantess named Angrboda. Odin threw it into the ocean that encircles Midgard and it eventually grew large enough to reach around the entire world and bite its own tail. It had been foreseen that on the day of Ragnarök it would battle with its arch-nemesis, Thor, the god of thunder. The sky would darken from the poison mist emitted by Midgardsormr, and the battle would end in the death of both. Thor would first kill Midgardsormr and then stagger nine steps before dying from its poison.
  • Midgardsormr这个名字来自北欧神话,Midgardsormr(古诺尔斯语[译注 7]:Miðgarðsormr;也被称作尘世巨蟒或耶梦加得)在神话中是洛基与一位名为安格尔伯达的女巨人的第二个孩子。奥丁将它扔进了无尽之海中,它最终却长得极为庞大,足以环绕整个世界一圈用头咬到自己的尾巴。根据预言,诸神的黄昏到来时,它将与自己的宿敌——雷神托尔交战。天空被尘世巨蟒散发出的毒雾染黑,战斗最终以双方同归于尽告终。托尔先杀死了尘世巨蟒,接着跌跌撞撞地走出了9步,最后死于尘世巨蟒的剧毒。


  • Midgardsormr's dragonet form resembles the wyverns summoned by Dragoons in Final Fantasy XI.
  • 尘世幻龙的小龙形态跟FF11中龙骑士召唤的龙很类似。
  • Similar to some other minions, he will perch on the player's shoulder (or player's head, if Lalafell), and occasionally spits out a blue flame in his idle animation. Unlike other minions that perch on the player, Midgardsormr doesn't respond to the /beckon command and will not perch on request.
  • 和其他的宠物一样,他会坐在玩家的肩膀上(如果是拉拉菲尔族,则是头部),偶尔会在空闲时喷出蓝色的火焰。与其他坐在玩家身上的的宠物不同,尘世幻龙不会响应/beckon(招手) 指令,而且坐下时也不会遵从玩家请求。
  • Midgardsormr's connection with Omega alludes to the link between Omega and Shinryu since the two superbosses' debut in Final Fantasy V.
  • 尘世幻龙与欧米茄的联系暗指了欧米茄与神龙之间的联系,这2名超级BOSS在FF5中首次登场。




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