种族 精灵族
不必再担忧,无需再恐惧, 你的骑士埃马内兰来了!

—— 埃马内兰·德·福尔唐


  • Lord Emmanellain de Fortemps is the youngest son of Count Edmont, and brother to Haurchefant and Artoirel. Due to his carefree and unfocused behavior, he is attended by a pageboy named Honoroit.
  • 埃马内兰·德·福尔唐(エマネラン・ド・フォルタン Emmanellain de Fortemps)是埃德蒙家最小的孩子,他的2个哥哥是奥尔什方阿图瓦雷尔·德·福尔唐。由于他对事情不负责及不上心的举止,一位名叫奥诺鲁瓦[译注 1]的听差被指派陪着他。


  • Emmanellain is the younger of the Count's sons, and the Warrior of Light is asked to assist him and Artoirel de Fortempsthem with their duties. Emmanellain is tasked with assisting House Haillenarte's outpost in the Sea of Clouds; a low-risk assignment given his unreliability. The commander of the Rose Knights stationed at Camp Cloudtop, Lady Laniaitte de Haillenarte, has the Warrior of Light and Honoroit ensure Emmanellain won't be a liability while the former does the real work.
  • 埃马内兰是这个家庭最年幼的孩子,光之战士被请求去协助他和阿图瓦雷尔完成他们的使命。埃马内兰被派去协助艾因哈特家在云海的前哨;考虑到他的不可靠,他被分配的任务风险很低。驻扎在云顶营地[译注 2]的蔷薇骑兵团[译注 3]的指挥官拉妮艾特[译注 4]女士,让光之战士与奥诺鲁瓦确保埃马内兰在真正开工时不会成为一个累赘。
  • Despite their best efforts, Emmanellain gets taken by hostile Vanu Vanu near Voor Sian Siran, requiring the Warrior of Light and Haurchefant to rescue him from Ok'Bendu Vundu. During the hectic escape (aided by Cid Garlond), they witness the primal Bismarck. After returning to Fortemps Manor, Emmanellain is slapped by his father for his recklessness.
  • 尽管尽了他们最大的努力,埃马内兰还是被沃仙曦染[译注 5]附近带有敌意的瓦努族给捉走了,他求着光之战士与奥尔什方将他从温杜属本杜集落[译注 6]那里将他救出来。在匆忙的逃跑过程中(受到了西德的援助),他们目睹了蛮神俾斯麦。在返回福尔唐伯爵府后,埃马内兰因为他的鲁莽而被其父亲扇了一巴掌。
  • Emmanellain is later in the Jeweled Crozier with his attendant, where he gives comments based on main scenario progression.
  • 埃马内兰之后.会和他的随从出现在宝杖大街[译注 7],在那里他会基于你的主线进度而给出评论。
  • During the investigation into the recent arson in Ishgard, the Scions question Emmanellain on word on the street, but he proves to be less than useful. Later, he and Artoirel bestow a House Fortemps shield, fit for a true knight, to the Warrior of Light in recognition of recent events. He leaves with a gloomy expression as Artoirel resolves to aid the people as the future.
  • 在调查伊修加德最近的纵火案的过程中,拂晓的成员们在街上向埃马内兰询问了情况,但他还是那么没用。之后,他和阿图瓦雷尔认为在最近的事件中,光之战士符合一名真正的骑士,赠予其一面福尔唐家的盾牌。当阿图瓦雷尔决心在将来帮助人民时,埃马内兰一脸忧郁地离开了。
  • During preparations for a peace conference at Falcon's Nest, Emmanellain finds himself in temporary command of the forces there, just as a protest against the truce between Dravania and Ishgard is ignited. As a disgruntled maid stands on one of the battlements imploring Ishgardians to take up arms once more, Emmanellain panics and orders a nearby soldier to do something; the soldier shoots the woman twice, the second time fatally. This angers the watching crowd, many of who leave, beating Emmanellain's manservant Honoroit in the process.
  • 在为隼巢[译注 8]的和平会议作准备的过程中,当一起反对龙族与伊修加德停战协定的矛盾被点燃时,埃马内兰发现自己正是那里军队的临时指挥者。当一名心怀不满地女仆站在城垛上恳求伊修加德人民再次拿起武器时,埃马内兰惊慌失措,命令旁边的一位士兵做点什么;这名士兵向那个女人射箭两次,第2次射击致其死亡。这激起了围观人群的怒火,他们中的许多人在离开的过程中殴打着埃马内兰的男仆奥诺鲁瓦。
  • Emmanellain is struck hard by the event, and even more so when he finds Honoroit. Disturbed and looking for someone to blame for the debacle, he lashes out at Thancred after the Scion offers a few choice words; Thancred, however, hits back harder and icily mentions how he himself has given everything to his cause and still failed. After telling the lordling that he must live with the consequences of his actions, Thancred leaves Emmanellain to return to Ishgard.
  • 埃马内兰由于此事深受打击,在见到奥诺鲁瓦后尤其如此。心烦意乱的他想找某个人为这场灾难顶罪,于是在拂晓的人说了几句刻薄的话之后,他便向着桑克瑞德猛烈抨击;然而,桑克瑞德给予了有力地回击,并冷冰冰地提到他是如何尽自己全力,却仍然没能发挥作用的。在告诉这位小少爷必须为他自己的行动造成的结果负责后,桑克瑞德离开了埃马内兰,返回了伊修加德。
  • The Warrior of Light finds Emmanellain in the Jeweled Crozier ruminating on these events. Having accepted that the fault for the Falcon's Nest riot was his and his alone, he goes to Ser Aymeric and, after asking the Lord Commander how he finds the strength to lead Ishgard, requests that he be counted among Ishgard's warriors in the Grand Melee.
  • 光之战士在宝杖大街找到了正在反思最近事件的埃马内兰。接受了隼巢发生的暴乱是他一个人的过错之后,他去见了艾默里克爵士。在询问过这位总长是如何找到力量引领伊修加德后,他请求与伊修加德的战士们一起参加四国演练。


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