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—— 利奥法德


  • Leofard Myste is a sky pirate and an important character in the Void Ark scenario, first appearing in version 3.1 As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness.
  • 利奥法德(レオファード Leofard Myste)是一名空贼,并在061419.png魔航船虚无方舟相关任务中扮演了一名重要角色,他第一次登场是在版本 3.1“光与暗的分界”中。



  • Leofard was born in the Brume, and orphaned as a boy, taking the Myste surname common amongst the city's abandoned. He did whatever was necessary to survive, and would likely have grown into an artful criminal, were it not for Raimille Roulchardon. A highnorn Elezen and childless widow, Raimille invited the young Midlander into her home, and raised him as her own. Yet, she had a weak constitution, and in time grew so ill she could not leave her bed. Try though he did, Leofard's best efforts could not heal her, and soon he was alone again. With naught to bind him to Ishgard, he set off to explore the world, seeking the landmarks his adoptive mother would describe to him from history book each night at his bedside.
  • 利奥法德是一名出生在云雾街[译注 1]的孤儿,他选择城中被遗弃的孩子里最常见的姓氏"Myste"作为自己的姓氏。他为了生存可以去干任何事,如果不是Raimille Roulchardon的话,他很可能已经成长为一名狡猾的罪犯。Raimille是一名高等出身、鳏居无子的精灵族,她邀请年幼的利奥法德到她家中,并收养他为养子。然而,她体质虚弱,不久就病得不能离床了。利奥法德竭尽所能,以最大的努力也没能治好她,不久之后他就再次形单影只了。由于在伊修加德没什么牵挂,他启程去探索世界,去寻找他的养母每夜在床边给他念的历史书中描述的地理场景。
  • Now the leader of the Redbills, Leofard seeks plunder to add to his ever-growing collection. He has seen thirty-two summers come and go—yet still dislikes his greens, and eats little but the generously charred flesh of beasts.
  • 如今成为了赤喙空贼团[译注 2]团长的利奥法德通过四处掠夺来不断增添自己的收藏品。他已见证了32年寒暑来去,却至今不粘青菜,他更喜欢大口吃烤肉。


  • Leofard hunts down a group of thieving sky pirates in the sea of clouds. He assists the Warrior of Light by flying over the pirates, knocking them over with the speed of his manacutter. He shoots the thieves for disrespecting the code of conduct and tarnishing the name of a sky pirate. The merchant thanks him and says his master will repay him. Leofard tells him that his master probably knows a merchant or two who knows his crew, and a reward will reach him. Leofard tells the Warrior of Light that it's not common for someone to beat him to a scene, but he didn't expect less from a famed adventurer. Leofard says he was tracking the Warrior down to have a word with them. He proposes the Warrior of Light to help him on an adventure, and if they're interested they could head over to the Blue Window to meet one of his crew.
  • 利奥法德在云海中追捕一伙行窃的空贼团伙。他通过他的破魔艇[译注 3]协助光之战士飞过这些空贼,利用速度上的优势来将他们撞倒。他开枪击中了一名不尊重行为准则且玷污了空贼名声的窃贼。商人向他表达了感谢,并表示他的主人将会报答他。利奥法德告诉这名商人,他的主人也许知道一两名和他的船队有联系的商人,他会拿到自己的奖赏。利奥法德告诉光之战士,有人能抢在他之前赶来可不多见,他对这位声名赫赫的冒险者预期不低。利奥法德说他正追踪着光之战士的踪迹,想和他聊聊。他提议光之战士在冒险中帮助他,如果他感兴趣的话,可以前往蓝天窗[译注 4]来和他船队中的一员见面。
  • Leofard meets with Radlia, captain of the Talons, at his crew's hideout. Radlia wants Leofard to work under her because of his famed reputation, but Leofard refuses, not wanting to be someone else's lackey. She doesn't believe Leofard's crew will survive without her crew, but he tells her their crew is murderous and untrustworthy. Frustrated with Leofard, Radlia leaves Leofard's quarters. When the Warrior of Light arrives Leofard tells them that he promised high adventure and that they'll be boarding the sea of clouds' very own ghost ship. He believes the ship may be an Allagan relic but no one has made it out alive. After the Warrior of Light agrees to explore the ghost ship they meet up with the crew member Utata who is working on a way to track the vessel. After obtaining the "Ectocompass", the crew and the Warrior of Light's party head to the ghost ship.
  • 利奥法德与猛禽联盟[译注 5]的船长拉德莉亚在他船队藏身的地方见面了。由于利奥法德的名气,拉德莉亚想让他为自己干事,却被利奥法德拒绝了,他并不想成为某人的跟班。拉德利亚不相信离开了她的船队,利奥法德的船队可以独自存活。但利奥法德却说拉德莉亚的船队嗜杀成性,不值得信任。受到利奥法德重挫后,拉德莉亚离开了他的住处。当光之战士抵达时,利奥法德告诉他,自己已经承诺进行一次高强度的冒险,他们将在云海的幽灵船处登陆。他相信这艘船可能是亚拉戈时代的遗迹,但没人活着出去。在光之战士同意探索这艘幽灵船后,他们遇到了正在研究如何追踪这艘船的船队成员乌塔塔。在获得灵风罗盘[译注 6]后,船员们与光之战士组成的队伍便动身前往这艘幽灵船。


061419.png空贼登场 061419.png魔航船虚无方舟 061419.png禁忌城邦玛哈 061419.png维护天空的和平 061419.png影之国 061419.png一段冒险的结束



  1. 云雾街:the Brume,位于伊修加德基础层,是伊修加德众多出身低微之人的聚集地
  2. 赤喙空贼团:the Redbills
  3. 破魔艇:manacutter
  4. 蓝天窗:the Blue Window
  5. 猛禽联盟:the Talons
  6. 灵风罗盘:Ectocompass


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