种族 人族-高地之民
我发过誓,无论使用什么手段, 我都一定要解放我的祖国!

—— 伊尔伯德


  • Ilberd Feare, also known as Ilberd the Dullblade and the Griffin. As Marshal of the Crystal Braves, he is introduced as the new right-hand man of Alphinaud Leveilleur and is an old friend of Flame General Raubahn Aldynn.
  • 伊尔伯德(イルベルド Ilberd Feare)也被称作“钝剑伊尔伯德”以及“铁面公卿(狮鹫)”。身为水晶义勇队的队长,他作为新人被介绍给阿尔菲诺·莱韦耶勒尔作为得力助手。他也是恒辉队总帅劳班·阿尔丁的旧友。



  • A sellsword from the fallen Ala Mhigo who lost his family to the Calamity, Ilberd is a former friend of Raubhan's who became Grand Marshal of Alphinaud Leveilleur's Crystal Braves, a new independent Grand Company answerable only to Minfilia Warde and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. Ilberd is tasked with rooting out the Garlean spy known as "the Ivy," believed to be a high-ranking member of the Immortal Flames. They trace one of the Ivy's agents to Coerthas, who is caught red-handed dealing with the Harriers working for Lady Iceheart. Through interrogation by both the Crystal Braves and Ishgard's Temple Knights, the Ivy's web of intrigue is unraveled.
  • 伊尔伯德是一名落魄的阿拉米格佣兵,他在灵灾中失去了他的家人。伊尔伯德之前是劳班的朋友,后来又成为阿尔菲诺·莱韦耶勒尔的水晶义勇队的大队长,这是一个新的、独立的大国防联军,仅对敏菲利亚·沃德以及拂晓负责。伊尔伯德的任务是铲除帝国名为“常春藤”的间谍,据信他是恒辉队的高级成员。他们能追踪到“常春藤”的一名代理人到库尔札斯,他在与冰之巫女手下的“Harriers”交易时被当场抓获。通过来自水晶义勇队和伊修加德神殿骑士团的共同审讯,“常春藤”的阴谋网被解开了。
  • The traitor is Raubahn's own Grand Marshal, Eline Roaille. She is captured by Ilberd with the aid of the Warrior of Light and Yugiri Mistwalker as she is meeting with her contact in the East Shroud. While Lady Iceheart is dealt with, Eline escapes custody and flees to Northern Thanalan. Ilberd corners her outside Castrum Meridanum and recaptures her. In Ul'dah, Ilberd and Alphinaud meet with Raubahn to discuss the Ivy's web. She had also been working for the Monetarists in addition to Garlemald, and perhaps even other unknown parties as given by the deals with the Harriers.
  • 这个叛徒就是劳班手下的正耀将艾莉娜·罗阿耶。她在与黑衣森林东部林区的线人谈话时,被伊尔伯德在光之战士与雾中行者夕雾的帮助下捉住了。在冰之巫女被处理时,艾莉娜挣脱拘留并逃往北萨纳兰。伊尔伯德将她逼到帝国中央堡的角落外面并重新逮捕了她。在乌尔达哈,伊尔伯德与阿尔菲诺和劳班谈论了“常春藤”的网络。她除了加雷马帝国外还为沙蝎众共和派工作,甚至根据她与“Harriers”的交易,还有其他未知的组织。
  • Ilberd secretly loathes Raubahn for "abandoning" Ala Mhigo and is on the pay roll of Lolorito like most of the Crystal Braves since their interception, with the promise of the restoration of his homeland in return of helping the Lalafell in his bid for power. Ilberd reveals his true nature during the supposed assassination of Nanamo Ul Namo, having his men capture Alphinaud while he drags the Warrior of Light into the dining hall when Teledji Adeledji accuses the hero and the Scions of regicide. After Raubahn kills off Teledji, Ilberd chops off the former's left arm when he attempts to cut down Lolorito. Admitting his disdain towards Raubahn, Ilberd provokes his former friend by claiming to be the sultana's killer. This leads to a fight between the former friends that ends with Raubahn defeated and imprisoned.
  • 伊尔伯德暗地里由于劳班“抛弃了”阿拉米格而厌恶他,并和水晶义勇队的大多数成员为罗罗力特效力,在这个拉拉菲尔人承诺以他个人的权利帮助恢复伊尔伯德的故乡作为回报后。伊尔伯德在暗杀娜娜莫·乌尔·娜莫的过程中逐渐暴露他的本性。在泰勒吉·阿代勒吉指控英雄与贤人们犯有弑君罪名时,伊尔伯德自己将光之战士拖入餐厅并让他的人抓捕阿尔菲诺。 在劳班斩掉泰勒吉后,伊尔伯德砍断了前者的左臂在他试图砍倒罗罗力特时。他对劳班表达了自己的蔑视,而当他宣称劳班是杀死娜娜莫的凶手时,彻底激怒了这位他以前的朋友。这导致了2位故友间的战斗,最终以劳班战败并被监禁而告终。


  • An ending to mark a new beginning... My pain! My longing! You shall have it all!

—— lberd's final words

  • 毁灭即是新生...我的痛苦!我的渴望!你将拥有一切!

—— 伊尔伯德最后的话语

  • Ilberd falls out with Lolorito over Raubahn, wanting to execute the "traitor" to Ala Mhigo. Ilberd and his Crystal Brave followers carry out the deed by taking Raubahn to Halatali. The Warrior of Light, Alphinaud, and Yugiri break into Halatali to stop the execution with Ilberd confronting them in battle alongside Yuyuhase Luluhase and Laurentius Daye. Ilberd sees his opponents know the truth of Nanamo not being dead and tells the Warrior of Light they are both pawns used by others. He falls back while explaining he will do what it takes to see Ala Mhigo restored. Alphinaud disbands the Crystal Braves with Ilberd and his followers labeled wanted criminals.
  • 伊尔伯德与罗罗力特为了劳班的事闹翻了,他想处决这名阿拉米格的“叛徒”。他水晶义勇队的追随者们通过把劳班带到日影地修炼所来付诸行动。光之战士、阿尔菲诺和夕雾突破了日影地修炼所以阻止这场处决而伊尔伯德则与尤尤哈塞劳伦修斯一起对抗他们。伊尔伯德看到他的对手知道娜娜莫没有死亡的真相,就告诉光之战士他们都是被别人利用的卒子。他一边后退一边解释到他为了看到阿拉米格的恢复愿意去做任何事。阿尔菲诺遣散了水晶义勇队,伊尔伯德和他的追随者们也被定为犯人。
  • lberd joins the Ala Mhigan Resistance under the guise of the Griffin, using a decoy for public speeches to rally the Ala Mhigans at the Sunken Temple of Qarn. After he obtains the eyes of Nidhogg, Ilberd launches an attack against Baelsar's Wall in what first appears to be a means to force the Eorzean Alliance to the border of Gridania should the Garleans' retaliation become an invasion. Ilberd even had resistance members wearing Grand Company uniforms to make it appear that Eorzeans are declaring war before being found and defeated by the Warrior of Light. Having instructed Laurentius to pose as a Garlean soldier and lead a counterattack, Ilberd reveals that he led his followers to slaughter to use their dying faith to summon a primal of pure violent rage whose destruction will dwarf that of Bahamut. Despite Lyse Hext's attempts to stop him, with Nidhogg's eyes on his person, Ilberd commits suicide to complete the summoning ritual, creating Shinryu, which is temporally sealed by Papalymo Totolymo and defeated by Omega.
  • 伊尔伯德以铁面公卿作为身份掩护加入了阿拉米格抵抗军,在喀恩埋没圣堂处通过演讲作为诱饵聚集阿拉米格人。在他获得邪龙之眼后,伊尔伯德发起了对巴埃萨长城的攻击,一旦让帝国的回击变成侵略,就可以成为一种迫使艾欧泽亚同盟军去往格里达尼亚边境的手段。在被光之战士发现并击败前,伊尔伯德甚至让抵抗军成员穿上大国防联军的衣服,看起来就像艾欧泽亚人宣战了一样。伊尔伯德指示劳伦修斯装扮城一名帝国兵领导一场反击。他透露道,他领导他的追随者们去屠杀是为了利用他们的死亡信仰,唤起由纯粹的暴力与愤怒构成的蛮神,它的毁坏力将令巴哈姆特都相形见绌。尽管莉瑟尝试阻止他,但在邪龙之眼的注视下,伊尔伯德还是通过自杀完成了召唤仪式,创造出了神龙。它由帕帕力莫临时封印住了,并被欧米茄击败。


  • Ilberd is mentioned by members of the Ala Mhigan Resistance, stating that the men and women he had convinced to join in his final operation were some of the Ala Mhigan Resistance's best fighters. The loss crippled their fighting strength and morale, with those who remain behind cursing Ilberd's name. His actions forced the Eorzean Alliance to take up arms and assist the Resistance to stave off an eventual retaliation effort from the Garlean Empire and in the process, liberate Ala Mhigo.
  • 伊尔伯德被阿拉米格抵抗军的成员所提及,陈述道他所说服加入他最后行动的男男女女们都是一些阿拉米格抵抗军最好的战士。这次失败削弱了他们战斗的力量与士气,留下来的人都在咒骂伊尔伯德的名字。他的行为迫使艾欧泽亚同盟军拿起武器来协助抵抗军们延缓加雷马帝国的报复行动,并更进一步地,解放阿拉米格。
  • Though Ilberd's plan to use Shinryu to destroy the empire and nearly cause another Calamity did not come to pass, the primal fell into the hands of Zenos yae Galvus, who uses the creature in his final battle with the Warrior of Lights. The viceroy is defeated and the primal destroyed.
  • 尽管伊尔伯德利用神龙摧毁帝国的计划差点造成另外一场没实现的灾难,这个蛮神却落入芝诺斯的手中,他将这个生物用在了与光之战士的最终战斗中。帝国总督芝诺斯被击败,蛮神也被摧毁。
  • Ilberd later appears in a flashback in his younger years, accompanying Raubahn in Curtis's rally, who talked of liberty and death.
  • 伊尔伯德后来会出现在一些闪回片段中,关于他年轻的岁月,与劳班一起在卡提斯的集会中,谈论自由与死亡。
  • In the final job quest of the Dark Knight class, Our Compromise, Myste manifests a simulacrum of Ilberd (in his Crystal Braves attire) alongside Livia sas Junius and Rhitahtyn sas Arvina from the Warrior of Light's darker memories, though they are nonchalantly destroyed by the Warrior's Abyssal Drain, not wanting to be weighed down by painful memories of the past.
  • 在暗黑骑士的最终任务062412.png再次相见中,密斯托会从光之战士更黑暗的记忆中,展现出伊尔伯德(穿着水晶义勇队的服装)与莉维亚·萨斯·尤尼乌斯里塔提恩·萨斯·阿维纳的幻影,尽管他们被光之战士的“Abyssal Drain”无情地摧毁了,但他还是不想被过去痛苦的回忆所压垮。



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